Now that your braces are going to be removed after so many months or years of having them on, is surely a time for you to rejoice. However, the question that might be uppermost in your mind is the braces removal pain that is associated with the removal.

People want to look their very best and teeth in a straight line can certainly enhance their appearance. What a smile can do for your face no other feature can do. It can make you look extremely attractive and attract the right kind of positive attention for yourself. That is the main reason why so many people want to have braces on. However, most patients are really afraid and wary of braces removal pain and the time that it might take. The time differs on several factors that are linked to the dentist and the treatment that you underwent. Most dentist will usually take about an hour or two to remove the braces from your teeth. The exact opposite procedures and processes are performed to the time that you had the braces placed on your teeth.

The first thing that the dentist will do is to go on and remove the rubber bands that hold the braces together. The dentist will use a tool to break the bond with the brackets and the teeth so that they come off easily. This is not at all painful. All that you will feel is a kind of pressure and discomfort during the entire procedure.
There are times when patients feel that braces removal pain is going to be there but most of the times it is just a myth or half truth.

The procedure that is followed by the dentist is such that before the braces are to be removed they won’t be tightened. Therefore, the weeks before the braces are finally removed; the rubber bands already loosen themselves and make it easy for the dentist to remove them. This in turn will not go on to bring about any onset of pain when they are removed.However, people who have sensitive teeth will feel braces removal pain to a sight extent. The procedure when pliers are used to remove the wires off the teeth is the time braces removal pain might be felt for people whose teeth are sensitive.

Most dentists will advice the use of retainers after the braces are removed and this will allow you to ensure that the teeth remain in the place that they are supposed to and do not shift back to the position that they were in previously that is before the treatment.

Therefore, when you hear your dentist say that the braces are going to be removed from your teeth, you can go on and rejoice rather than unnecessarily worry about the braces removal pain.

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