You might wonder what you need to do when you are scheduled for an MRI and if you have braces on. Most of the times, people with braces on, whatever kind they may be are okay to go ahead and have an MRI done on them with the braces on. However, at times, with the braces on there are times that the results might not be exact or as expected. That is the time that the technician might need to redo the MRI and this time now with the braces off. Therefore, it is not a guarantee that with the braces on you will be able to get the most precise and accurate of results.

The metal in the braces might at sometimes make the objects look not the way they really are and the images taken are not perfect. The braces only seem to cause a major concern if the MRI has to be done for the brain. In case you are having any other part of your body for an MRI be it leg or shoulder, then the braces will not interfere with the outcome and you can go on and wear them without any worries. Therefore, the thing is that braces do not hamper with all kinds of MRIs except the ones for the brain.

The way the brain MRI works is that the metal found in the braces and brackets might interfere with the images. You can go on to have other brain scans without worrying about having your braces on. A good idea is to ask when you go on and call up the technicians for fixing up the appointment for the MRI. They will be able to give you the right guidance and this will ensure that you don’t need to go ahead and have the MRI done again.

Though, lots of people do go ahead and have MRIs done with their braces on.
The braces might interfere with the diagnosis and complicate matters if the metallic components found in it interfere with the procedures. Therefore, there are no assured results especially for the brain MRI with braces on. If you have to have an MRI scheduled then goes ahead and has one and then gets your orthodontic treatment done. This will work out to be the best option for you.

The radiologist is usually aware of this and they know that teeth fillings and braces contain materials that might affect the magnetic field. Therefore, once you bring the wearing of braces to their notice, they will certainly go ahead and take adequate precautions.

The concern usually is that the braces might go ahead and causes a distorted image which might not be easily readable or in worst cases not accurate. This might throw the MRI off gear and you might even have to undergo one all over again.

Ask the doctor and they will be able to tell you what to do in your specific case.

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