What Are Bucked Teeth

Now the question arises what is bucked teeth. To understand bucked teeth we should know the position of the upper and the lower teeth in relation to each other. In normal conditions the upper teeth overlaps the lower teeth vertically as well as horizontally. The vertical overlap is called overbite and the horizontal overlap is called as overjet. In normal occlusion the overbite and the overjet is 2mm. when this overjet is more than the upper front teeth are protruded out and become very prominent. These teeth are then called as the Bucked Teeth. They are also known as the rabbit teeth or the mice teeth as like the teeth of the rabbit or the mice the front two teeth are very prominent and they resemble the rabbit or the mice teeth.

What is the Cause of Bucked Teeth

There are many causes which can cause the bucked teeth. It can be because of some habit like thumb sucking or digit sucking . Thumb sucking is the main cause of the bucked teeth. When child sucks the thumb the upper front teeth are pushed out and the lower front teeth are pushed in. This causes the bucked teeth. When we talk about thumb sucking and the bucked teeth we should now that what the intensity, frequency and duration is of thumb sucking as these factors do influence the effect of thumb sucking on the bucked teeth. Suppose the child is a passive thumb sucker that is he is not sucking the thumb with intensity or the force then the effect of thumb sucking will be less as compared to the child who is a active thumb sucker. The thumb sucking habit in the initial years of life is considered normal but when the baby teeth are being replaced by the adult teeth even then if the thumb sucking habit persists then it causes the bucked teeth. Prolong use of pacifiers can also cause bucked teeth. The bucked teeth can have hereditary cause also. If the parents have bucked teeth then children may have the bucked teeth.

Effects of Bucked Teeth

The bucked teeth look very unaesthetic. The child looses the confidence.. It is a big psychological trauma for the child. The personality of the child is badly affected. It does not have only psychological effects but dento facial structure is also affected. The child is not able to close the mouth properly. Sometimes the upper teeth rest on the lower teeth

Treatment of Bucked Teeth

Though the bucked teeth look very unaesthetic but treatment is very simple. If the habit is treated at the right age that is before the baby teeth are replaced by the adult teeth then chances of adult teeth becoming bucked is quite less. If the teeth are bucked then going for braces treatment solves the treatment. The braces treatment aligns the teeth in proper occlusion but before going for the braces treatment if the patient has any habit which can cause bucked teeth then that habit has to be treated before. If the patient has the habit of thumb sucking the habit breaking appliance has to be given to treat the habit.


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  • iqbal hussain

    iqbal hussain 08 - August - 2015, at 12:36 PM

  • Bucket teeth can be treat by SRA .simple removable appliance

  • Carols

    Carols 19 - December - 2011, at 04:52 AM

  • I have endured bucked & large front teeth for 32 years. I had braces but it never solved the problem of my front teeth being too large. Orthodontics improve the appearance for some people but for those with very large front teeth they do not solve the problem. Often those with large front teeth are given this procedure however there are

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