Braces and Rubber Bands are both needed to work hand in glove in order to ensure that you do get the best treatment and teeth aligned in a perfect row. This will give you the most wonderful of smile and appearances.

If you have been ever advised to wear braces, the brackets are attached to the teeth using rubber bands. The use of Braces and Rubber Bands works in a fast and effective ways of getting your teeth in line. Braces without the use of rubber bands might not be able to apply that kind of pressure to your teeth and get them all aligned in the shortest time possible.

Braces and Rubber Bands can go on to induce enough pressure on your teeth to be able to move them quickly in the direction that the dentist thinks is right for your teeth.
At the same time, one thing to be noted is that the use of Braces and Rubber Bands has its merits in the teeth straightening, but at the same time it can go on to cause a whole lot of pain and discomfort as well. This is far more than what you would expect in braces without the rubber bands on. Also, when you have Braces and Rubber Bands they become more difficult to take off and put them on every day.

However, overlooking all of these demerits, most dentists and orthodontists do recommend the use of Braces and Rubber Bands to their patients in order to help them get their teeth straightened out faster in the shortest possible duration.
The way the braces and rubber bands work is to apply the right amounts of pressure on your teeth and pull them in the right direction. The rubber bands put tension on the brackets and this in turn goes on to address the correction of the overbite or under bite whichever might be in your case.

There are several restrictions that the dentist will ask you to follow once you have Braces and Rubber Bands on. You will not be able to have most raw and hard food. A good option is to opt for food that is soft.

Most of the times these rubber bands need to be affixed to your braces just before you go to bed. If you do need to wear them during the day time as well then you will be advised to remove them before meals so as not to harm them. Also, a thing to keep in mind with Braces and Rubber Bands is that if you tend to open your mouth too wide then you might just end up snapping the rubber bands.

Having said this when you actually see the kind of progress your teeth are making with the help of the use of Braces and Rubber Bands you will not mind the discomfort that you are put through. The rubber bands are something that you will surely get used to.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 20 - September - 2011, at 02:34 AM

  • Nina, The duration for which rubber bands are given to the patient varies on the basis of extent of malocclusion present and the age of the patient. Bands are of 2 types which are heavy ones and the light ones. You may have to wear them until you get your braces off or may have to wear them for few months only. So you can ask your orthodontist about it. Make sure that you wear your rubber bands as told by your orthodontist. Not wearing the rubber bands can prolong the treatment time.

  • nina

    nina 20 - September - 2011, at 01:22 AM

  • how long usually i have to wears rubber bands once i got it???

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