A question often asked and in people’s mind is whether they can go ahead and have alcohol when they have braces on. The first thing that dentist’s advice people on is the right kind of diet so as to ensure that the braces and bracket remains in the same place. The first thing that your dentist will ask you to avoid is hard stuff, sticky and sugary stuff and other things that can harm your teeth. Dentists will not advice you against the use of alcohol but having said that it is always a good thing for your teeth and overall health objectives to go ahead and drink alcohol within limits.

The other thing to keep in mind about Braces and Alcohol is that if you are at an age wherein your teeth are still calcifying then what you do need to do is go slow on the alcohol as it might affect the enamel and keep your teeth looking white as ever.

The thing with alcohol is that over time too much consumption of it might go on to stain your teeth. This will be really sad to have your braces removed and see your teeth in a perfect straight row, just the way you have always wanted them to be and then realize that they aren’t pearly white. Also, too much alcohol will go on to destroy the enamel on your teeth at a young age and you don’t want that to happen.

As soon as you get your braces on you will be told about the things that you can eat and should avoid. The things that you need to avoid are sugary stuff, soda, tea or coffee as all of these will help in the buildup of plaque on your teeth and also ensure that you are able to keep your teeth clean and stain free. The kind of alcohol that you drink also matters. Most people try and keep away from red wine as it stains teeth.

Another concern that you need to worry about is that you will be dehydrated as that is what alcohol causes. This will result in concerns with the braces such as they can cling to your mouth and cause discomfort and pain. The best way to overcome this concern when you have Braces and Alcohol is to have lots of water so that you can keep yourself hydrated. You certainly won’t relish the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night with your mouth dry and hurting.

Also, every time that you mix Braces and Alcohol you will have to go through the whole ritual of cleaning your braces, teeth and all of that which will be time consuming. Rather, to avoid all of this you could easily sip on tons of water and give alcohol a slip. This is the best of way to ensure that your dental treatment works out perfectly and just as you had expected.

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