Braces and Crowns can help you get the straight teeth that you have always dreamed of. There are dentists who might recommend that you go in for an orthodontist treatment that is not as long and tedious as braces can turn out to be. That is the case when you might want to consider the use of crowns and veneers instead of braces. The way this treatment works is that the teeth that are crooked and not in line are crowned so as to make them appear straight. They are placed directly on the teeth which have crooked roots.

The use of Braces and Crowns is another way as well. There might be teeth that are discolored beyond repair and no amount of tooth whitening solutions is going to work on them, they might be misshaped and spoil the look of the surrounding teeth as well or they might be chipped. In such cases, even after the braces treatment is complete to correct the defect that lies in the root of the teeth.

So the use of Braces and Crowns can work together to get the most optimum impact out of the treatment. You can have the braces on first for stubborn teeth and get them all in the row. Then, you can go on and have veneers or crowns fixed on them to get your teeth look their very best and pearly white.

When you go to your dentist for the first visit they will be able to examine your teeth and let you know whether you need only braces or Braces and Crowns. In case you have teeth that are misshaped and lateral then you will certainly need crowns or veneer as be the case on them after the braces treatment is done.

Braces and Crowns work that if you have crowned teeth and want to have braces on your teeth afterwards then the only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the glue that is used to fix the bracket on the teeth needs to be different. The bonding of brackets to crowns and veneers that are already there on your teeth is different than what is used on normal tooth enamel.

Braces and Crowns need a special procedure for it to adhere to the material that is used in crowns and veneers. A porcelain conditioner instead of the regular one is what will work out here. However, the thing that you do need to keep in mind is that the brackets on crowns are a little difficult to be bound and can come off easily. If you have braces, brackets and crowns used then what you need to do is to take extra care of them.

Care for Braces And Crowns

1. Eat the right food; avoid hard, sticky, crunchy foods.

2. Brush well using the right toothpaste and tooth brush. Don’t forget to floss.

3. Smoking is highly discouraged with braces and crowns as they tend to discolor teeth and crowns.

 4. Ensure that you follow all the suggestions of your dentist.

This way you will be able to guarantee success of your dental treatment. 


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    Ruchi Christian 05 - March - 2012, at 04:07 AM

  • thnxx 4 dis info..actually my ortho treatmnt is gonna strt n dis hs helped me lt 2 knw bou it,,:)

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