Many parents have this question to ask their dentist about the use of Braces and Baby Teeth. Many parents think that they need to wait until all the milk teeth have fallen to see whether the baby needs braces.  The best time to have braces is before the milk teeth have fallen out because that is the perfect time that a bite such as an over bite or an under bite.

People should realize that if they wait for all the milk teeth to fall off and then get the braces then it might be too late or the braces will take longer to be effective.

The way the Braces and Baby Teeth work nowadays is that at the age of 8 the child can have their first appointment with the dentist to find out if all is right. This is the right time to catch if there is anything that can be corrected from the very start before it is too late. The correct treatment plan can be devised during the transitional stage and that is the time when teeth are easier to move. This is the time that the correct treatment can really go on to work wonders for your child.

Braces and Baby Teeth go hand in hand since this is the time when you have adult teeth coming out and the baby teeth are falling. The dentist will take into account everything including the jawbones.

At times, the jaw bones don’t grow in tandem and one of them will grow faster than the other. This will go on to create an over bite or under bite. The Braces and Baby Teeth will also have enough time to allow the dentist to consider how the teeth and jaw bone will grow in the future.  The treatment and the final outcome will be far better when you have milk teeth to work on. This is far better than when you have only adult teeth to work on.

The good news is that the milk teeth allow the dentist the most optimal window to ensure that they are able to get the patient’s teeth right and in an order before the adult teeth come in. This is one of the most effective of ways to ensure that there is no problem with the teeth and jaws later on.

Braces and Baby Teeth ensure that the jaw bones are balanced and you will have a lifetime of good teeth. There will be no overcrowding at any point of time. In fact, when you have Braces and Baby Teeth you will end up paying less for the treatment and it will be of a shorter duration then if the dentist had to work with adult teeth. Braces and Baby Teeth will also go on to allow enough space to be allowed for the grown up teeth to come in.
Therefore, the sooner you start your child on braces the better it will be.

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