Braces and Bad Breath do not actually have a particular connection to them. However, what you do need to remember is that bad breath is a result of accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. It is quite possible for the bacteria to be accumulated easily enough in the mouth when one has braces on and this might result in bad breath. The more is the accumulation of food particles in your mouth, the more will bacteria continue to thrive on it. Therefore, a good idea is to go ahead and brush and floss your teeth diligently so as to avoid the buildup of any food particles in your mouth that can in turn allow bacteria to thrive. The brushing should be done right especially around the braces and brackets ensuring that the teeth and gums are clean. Every time that you eat something you need to ensure that you do brush and floss. The more food particles that accumulate in your mouth the more smell it will give off because of the rot that sets in.

In case you are outside and can’t brush then the next best thing to do is to swish your mouth with water. The worst thing is that these bacteria not only go on to cause bad breath but also accumulate plaque and tartar on your teeth which can be extremely harmful for your teeth as it can cause cavities.

The other thing about braces and bad breath is that if you don’t brush your teeth well enough then it will leave white spots around the braces and the other parts of your teeth will be yellowish. This will certainly look really bad and even though you might have straight teeth after this, it will not be the best of smiles that you will be able to flaunt.

The thing to keep in mind is that when you have braces on it becomes quite difficult to keep your teeth clean and to be able to reach all the nooks and crevices. That is the place wherein accumulation of bacteria can happen. That is why  you need to be extra careful about oral hygiene in order to avoid the buildup of bacteria in your mouth. The way to go about it is avoid food such as sugary and syrupy stuff that clings on to your teeth. Every time that you eat something ensure that you drink water to wash it off your teeth and mouth.

Also, ensure that you do not allow your mouth to turn dry as that is one major cause for bacterial growth. Find out the root cause of the bad breath as it might not be only linked to the braces that you have on. It could be linked to the kind of food that you eat, illness or stomach disorder that you might have.
However, you must ensure that with braces on and to keep bad breath at bay you need great oral hygiene.

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