If you are the kind of person who loves candy, then when you have your braces on, you certainly can’t consider having them. They are a nightmare for a person on an orthodontic treatment and most dentists will veto it out.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that candy is an enemy of your teeth. Especially when you have braces on the sugary content that is found in the candy will remain in the nook and crevices of your teeth. This will give rise to bacteria which will result in bad breath as well as cavities because of the bacteria being able to eat into the enamel of your teeth.

The thing with braces is that the treatment takes time and effort but it is extremely worthwhile at the end as it gets you the most fabulous line of teeth that will ensure that you do have the most fantastic of smiles ever. However, with the use of candy you ruin these chances as what is the purpose of having teeth in a line but with cavities in them.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that with braces you have hardware in your mouth that you need to take care of so as to ensure that it works at optimum levels. The first thing that dentists recommend that their patients give up completely when they have braces on is all kinds of candies. Dentists the world over have devised a list of at least thirty food that you need to avoid with braces on and the name of candy appears right on top of the list. Therefore, the favorite candies that you love to pop in your mouth are considered to be a big no-no with your braces on.

The thing to remember is that the most harmful candies are those that are chewy and sticky. These are the ones that will stick on to your teeth and you won’t be able to brush them off with ease. Also, candy that is hard will go on to make your braces go haywire. They can also make your braces snap or move out of place. This will cost you a trip to the dentist, the treatment might become longer than necessary and also you will end up paying more for the procedures. Therefore, the best thing that you have in front of you is to realize that candy and braces don’t really gel together and avoid having them when you have braces on.

Now, if you are a candy junkie and you need your share of sugar in the form of candy then go on and choose the right kind of candy. This will be those that are not hard and sticky. All of this will make certain that you are able to have teeth that are straight and healthy after the braces treatment. And, healthy teeth are such a pleasure to flaunt.

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