There are plenty of patients who want to find out which is the better option for them from a choice of Braces and Dental Implants. In case you have missing tooth or teeth then the dentist will recommend that you go ahead and have them replaced with dental implants. Once you have had them done you can go ahead and have braces for the straightening of the teeth.

The dentist will consider whether an implant will be okay for you based on whether you have adequate bone and the other teeth will be able to support it. If you look at yourself in the mirror and find a few teeth missing then no amount of braces is going to help you look good until you have the missing teeth replaced. A good way to go ahead and do so is with the help of using dental implants. Also, when you opt for removable bridges these might work out to be greatly cumbersome and not what you would like to have on.

Dental implants are artificial roots of tooth that are placed in your jawbone in place of the missing teeth. The good news is that dental implants have certainly improved over the years and go ahead to use the most fascinating technology to give you a better life and smile. It is able to ensure that you are able to regain your confidence with the right kind of facial structure that makes you look your very best. Moreover, when you opt for dental implants you get to use a procedure that is safe and dependable along with being permanent.

The way the best of orthodontists consider the treatment is to have the braces work done first before the implant is placed. This will ensure that the best position for the implant is chosen as well as it does not move out of position later on. If you have braces later on, then when the teeth move in order to be aligned right, the implant might not be in the correct position.

The other option that is available with braces and dental implants is that orthodontist might want to consider fixing it in the midst of the braces treatment. The aim behind this is to be able to use the implants midway through the treatment. This is when the teeth are not expected to shift much and the dentist already knows about how the adjacent teeth are going to be shifting.

The best form of treatment that can be adopted in the case of Braces and Dental Implants is to wait for the braces treatment to be done and a go ahead from your dentist for the dental implant. This is one of the wisest forms of action to be followed.
There are different variations in dental treatment that are available and your dentist will be able to let you know of the best once they have examined your mouth.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 03 - December - 2011, at 01:00 AM

  • Deanna, Hypothesis is made that mercury poisoning which can occur by dental amalgam can cause hyperactivity, low IQ, attention deficit disorder, autism and other health problems in children. Mercury toxicity because of dental amalgam has remained a controversial issue. Instead of amalgam fillings, composite fillings or mercury free fillings are done by dentists these days to avoid risk of mercury toxicity. Dental braces as such don’t cause autism but some people may be allergic to stainless steel in braces. Though stainless steel is inert, but if patient is allergic to stainless steel braces, then titanium braces are given. What ever metal which is used in mouth is inert and as such, it doesn’t create any problem. Use of mercury in dental fillings is controversial so mercury is no longer used and mercury free fillings or composites are used these days.

  • Deanna

    Deanna 02 - December - 2011, at 16:43 PM

  • I have heard via talk shows that the metal braces, fillings, any type of metal in your mouth contributes to child medical conditions such as autisim. Is this true?

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