When you are going to go through a braces treatment, there are so many questions that you might have in your mind. Some of them are about Braces and Fillings.

The one major question in everyone’s mind is if you have metal fillings can you still getting braces? Another thing that people have questions for Braces and Fillings  is what kind of braces are perfect for you? Do you need the metallic, ceramic or the ones that look like your teeth and are called invisalign?

The dentist will decide this based on the size of the filling that you have. Of course, if you have a large filling, the orthodontist is going to have to use spacers which are nothing but small rubber bands, used in between the spaces that surround that particular tooth to make room for a band with a bracket attached to it.

The kind of fillings you have has nothing to do with getting braces. The fillings are for the cavity in your teeth. That is the reason, before the commencement of the braces treatment your dentist will have a thorough check of your teeth, gums and mouth to ascertain their health. If there are any cavities then they will be filled before the braces are placed.

You should try to opt for enamel colored fillings when you as this will enable you teeth to look as natural as possible even with the fillings in them. You don’t want ugly looking silver filling in your mouth as when the braces are removed and your teeth are in a line, the silver fillings might not really look great.

The conclusion is that with Braces and Fillings you don’t need to worry. You can use any kind of braces regardless of the kind of fillings you have on your teeth. The fillings and capping of teeth is done by your family dentist or a general dentist where as braces are the job for an Ortho dentist. The general dentist would first clean your teeth and then do the fillings and possibly cap them later on another day. Then you need to go to the ortho dentist for initial examination to find out about the kind of braces that are going to be right for you. They might advise you to get x-rays and tooth moulds taken and only then would he be able to make braces for you depending on the type of treatment you require.

At the same time you should remember that fillings, getting your teeth capped and braces are different parts of a treatment and you can’t get all of those done at the same time. If you have crowns you can get braces. A dentist can fill a tooth with braces on. You can also get a root canal and get your teeth cleaned with braces on. Sounds like you need a lot of dental work. So, go on and allow your dentist to decide for braces and fillings.


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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - September - 2012, at 22:39 PM

  • Hi Aj Tabinas, If you are not comfortable with the filling then you can get the tooth refilled with cosmetic dental fillings (composite fillings). I would suggest you to get the filling done before the start of ortho treatment. You don't need to fear of filling dislodgement as the filling is quite strong enough plus the orhtodontic wires exert more force on roots rather than crown.

  • Aj Tabinas

    Aj Tabinas 17 - September - 2012, at 03:49 AM

  • I used to have braces before when i was twelve and it was for 2 years, the lower teeth is ok but the upper teeth still not ok. Now that i am 27 i wanted to fix the upper teeth, but my concern is in the front teeth row there is a filling w/c is awful for me because the color doesn't match the color of my teeth.could i have braces with filling on it? and is there any remedy for the filling that i have right now?

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