When you need to have braces on your teeth, the dentist might also want to go ahead and recommend expanders. Several times, Braces and Expanders go hand in hand and they are included in the braces treatment. What you do need to do is to ask your dentist about any clarifications for the same.

The expanders are usually used to go ahead and expand the jaw so that there won’t be any overcrowding of the teeth and this will lead to the teeth being able to be straightened out. The expanders might seem a wee bit cumbersome but they are the things that are needed to ensure that the braces treatment is a great success.

The thing with expanders is that the moment they are fitted on, you will find that they might bring on some pain and discomfort. But, you will get used to it after having them on for a while. There are some dentists who prefer to have retainers on for people who might find the Braces and Expanders to be too painful and causing discomfort. What most people tend not to like about expanders is that it is fitted to their palate and this can be quite painful. After a few weeks of wearing the Braces and Expanders you will get quite used to them and won’t feel as though you have this extra bit in your mouth.

The first thing to note with Braces and Expanders is that the younger the child is, the better it is for them. This is because at that point of time their roof of the mouth has not grown completely and is pliable. Also, the jaws are not shut yet and therefore it is easy to work on them. For adults, sometimes Braces and Expanders might not work and then they will have to go in for surgery.

The use of Braces and Expanders is that you will be able to get your upper jaw widened. In growing children because of the skeletal growth it seems to have a great outcome. The expander can be activated with the help of a screw that is on it. You need to turn the screw or the key and the appliance gets tightened in your mouth. It does not come out of your mouth and remains fixed until the dentist decides to remove it.

The dentist will teach the parent about how to go ahead turning the screws and the key. This will ensure that the expander is fitted well into the upper jaw. There are periodic visits to the dentist to ensure that the expander is in the right place and is tight enough. The expander is usually used for three months before it is removed and then the braces placed on the teeth.

This is one sure shot way of making certain that you get your dream smile. There is the use of Braces and Expanders that are becoming all the more popular.

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  • Emily Donovan

    Emily Donovan 11 - July - 2015, at 08:30 AM

  • Hello!! I am a 19 year old who hasn't had braces or a jaw expander in a little over 2 years now, but I have a real problem and I need some insight. My orthodontist gave me a jaw expander before I ever got my braces but upon applying my braces, he never removed my expander. So for 4 whole (very long and painful) years, I had a jaw expander whose only real purpose was to hold my teeth in place. This would have been totally fine but I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis which causes my body to heal very slowly, and even then, scars tend to remain. My jaw expander continued to cut my tongue time and time again throughout the 4 years it was in my mouth, which caused a very unsightly lump of scar tissue that sits on top of a slit in my tongue to form. My orthodontist never mentioned this lump to me but I've had several doctors make note of it and my oral surgeon (when I had gotten my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago) even offered me a special operation where he would try to remove this lump and sew my tongue (for lack of a better word) together. I never took him up on this offer due to his retirement shortly thereafter. It has now been 2 whole years since my braces and jaw expander have been removed and this lump and slice in my tongue remain and have not shown any signs of improvement! I wouldn't say I'm in much pain due to this - it's more like discomfort. Not only is it embarrassing, but when I move my tongue around too much, it causes a dull ache. When I eat anything acidic as well (such as vinegar or a lemon) it almost feels like I have just put rubbing alcohol on an open wound. My question here is - is there anything that I can do to heal this scar tissue? I've tried everything that I can and nothing has proven successful. I pray that you can offer me some insight - even if you say that there is nothing I can do. At least then I can come to peace with having this gross scar on my tongue for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for your time - Emily

  • brittney

    brittney 08 - July - 2015, at 10:38 AM

  • Do I have to have jaw surgery because orthodonist say so or can I braces on with out the surgery

  • Georgette

    Georgette 17 - June - 2014, at 19:02 PM

  • I was told that my son needs expanders & braces. He will be turning 12 in 2 months. I am concerned that it may be too late for expanders because of his age? Your thoughts would be appreciated?

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 23 - August - 2012, at 00:59 AM

  • Dear EMILY, Expander do hurt but discomfort after such a long should be immediately reported to the dentist. You case requires a clinical examination and what i feel is that the pain is due to increased outward pressure exerted by expanders. So, your dentist will loosen up the appliance which will decrease the pain.

  • Emily

    Emily 21 - August - 2012, at 23:41 PM

  • I got my expander about 2 months ago and its painful! My tounge is always sore, its hard to eat sometimes. I have a deep scar on my tounge because of this expander!!!! I'm getting this removed in 6 months. It really sucks

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