There are more and more adults who are resorting to the use of braces even later on in life in order to ensure that they can look their best. Gum recession occurs in adults who are over forty years of age. That is why adult braces and gum recession are linked together.

The first thing to ensure before you go ahead with the braces is whether your gums are in good order. Your gums need to be in good health in order for your braces treatment to come out the best.

One of the lesser known complications of adult braces is gum recession. But, all medical procedures have their complications linked with them and gum recession occurs in less than 4% of the people who use braces.

Gum recession is a condition wherein the gums recede and are unable to support the teeth as well as they should.  This is far less common then in the case of cavities and gum disease however, it does occur.

When a person is faced with receding gums what happens is that their tooth root get exposed. This means that the sensitivity in your teeth will increase. The more the exposed roots of your teeth the more will be the pain that you have when you have something hot or cold.

If you are faced with braces and gum recession then you can go to your dentist and ask them about ways to combat them. There are several medications that can get you instant relief.

There is no one particular reason that can result in gum recession. However, there are certain factors that do ensure that you will be more likely of having to face gum recession. One of these is the use of mechanical devices in the mouth which can be braces. The use of braces is known to lead to localized gum recession. The way it occurs is because of prolonged irritation of the adjacent gum margin occurs. This can be either directly from the part of the braces near the gum line or from food particles that get trapped into the brackets of the braces. This is one major reason why receding gums may occur. 

Gum recession can be a dangerous thing and something that you just can’t afford to ignore. This is a major sign of impending gum disease. That is the reason why one must be careful at the first sign of gum recession as it will lead to future problems. The thing with gum infection is that there is no pain linked with it. That is the main reason why not many people might even be aware of an underlying gum disease. However, the first sign is gum recession. Check your front teeth as this is the most likely place for gum recession to occur.

Braces are not the only cause for gum disease and gum recession. However with braces on you do have to maintain the best of oral hygiene.

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  • prem kumar

    prem kumar 04 - April - 2014, at 21:07 PM

  • Sir... my gums are going down day by day . I brush daily two times. I am worrying about it. How to stop it going down. Please suggest me .... regards.... prem

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