Dental pain or we can say tooth ache is one of the worst pain, a person can experience. It can be continuous throbbing pain or it can be an acute, severe pain which can make a person scream. The best solution is to rush to the dentist and get the problem fixed but it is not always possible. Some dental pain start at the middle of the night and at that time patient can make the best use of home remedies.But first of all we need to categorize the dental pain.

Sometimes the dental pain is due to the problem in the tooth or the supporting structures like the gum but sometimes it is the referred pain means the problem is somewhere else and the patient feels the pain in the tooth.

Pain Because Of Tooth or Supporting Structure

It can be due to cavity- which is because of caries, trauma, cracked tooth and other causes.

Caries In this initially when the cavity is not very deep, patient is sensitive to hot and cold sensation. Pain is there till the irritant is there. As soon as the cause of the pain is removed the pain is not there. This problem can be easily fixed by getting the dental filling done from the dentist, but if the cavity is deep and it touches the nerve of the tooth i.e. pulp then patient experiences very acute and sharp throbbing pain and the pain is some times continuous. Worst of all pain is there when the patient lies down. So mostly it starts at midnight and at that time sometimes the home remedies which will be mentioned later helps.

Traumatic Injury Sometimes the patient gets some traumatic injury because of that either he looses the tooth or the tooth is fractured and the patient experiences a great pain. Sometimes due to the trauma immediately there is no affect but the tooth becomes non vital with time and can pain after a very long time of receiving trauma that is why the history of trauma, though it can be old, is very important.

Cracked Tooth In cracked tooth patient develops a crack in the tooth which is not visible only the symptoms are there. This crack develops either because of trauma, faulty or very old filling or because the tooth has become non vital. Patient feels sharp pain when he eats from that side otherwise the tooth is absolutely normal. This condition is called cracked tooth syndrome. The patient normally stops eating from the side which hurts and this worsens the condition.

Pulpitis (Inflammation of The Pulp) Pulpitis- which is the inflammation of the pulp can cause acute pain. Pulpitis can be

  1. Reversible Pulpitis
  2. Irreversible Pulpitis

Reversible Pulpitis

As the name implies this type of inflammation can be reversed if timely treated by the dentist. In this the pain lasts less than 5 seconds and the pain is there when the tooth is in contact with something cold, sweet or air blast. The cause can be a small cavity, faulty filling, gingival recession or if the patient got the recent dental cleaning done. If the problem is not fixed in time it may progress to irreversible pulpitis.

Irreversible  Pulpitis

In this whatever damage to the pulp is done ,cannot be repaired. In this the vitality of the pulp cannot be saved. The cause is some large cavity or some gum problem which is not fixed in time. In this the patient has pain even after the stimuli is removed and lasts for several minutes to hours. The treatment of choice is root canal treatment but sometimes extraction has to be done.

Tooth Sensitivity-  In this there is pain when something hot or cold is taken ,in other words the tooth becomes sensitive. The cause is gingival recession which is because of overzealous brushing or attrition which is because of bruxism or grinding of teeth. Another most common cause is cavity in the dentin. Below enamel there is dentin which has dentinal tubules. These dentinal tubules has dentinal fluid which shows slight movement either towards the dental pulp or away from the dental pulp. In either case it disturbs the nerves present in the pulp and produces the pain. If the sensitivity is because of cavity or abrasion which is there because of overzealous brushing , the treatment of choice is to get the restoration done. If it is because of gingival recession because of which the roots are exposed and the tooth becomes sensitive ,the treatment of choice is to use the desensitizing tooth pastes available in the market.

BarodontagiaI.e. pain experienced due to extreme of pressures. This pain can be felt in the aircrafts because of low atmospheric pressure at about 3000 feet or height or by scuba divers because of high pressure at approx. 10 feet or more below the surface. It is assumed that this pain is there because of tiny air bubble trapped under a restoration which expand or contract. If the patient experiences this kind of pain then restoration can be redone. 

Referrred Dental Pain - in this the pain is not due to the problem in the tooth but somewhere else like severe headache can cause the dental pain or sometime the cardiac attack can cause the dental pain in the lower left side of the teeth. This referred pain sometimes helps in the diagnosis. If the patient has the sinus problem he can feel pain in the upper molars. The trigeminal neuralgia can cause the referred pain in the teeth mostly on the right side. So while examining the patient the concept of referred pain should be kept in mind

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