If you have to get your tooth removed then there is nothing that you can do to avoid that. The main objective of this article is to let you know of the amount that a tooth extraction can cost one. There are several reasons why a tooth needs to be extracted and one of them is the impacted tooth. In case of non-restorable tooth too, tooth extraction is required.  

The main reason of tooth extraction is tooth decay. Local anesthesia is given to the patient before tooth extraction to reduce the pain. Patient might experience discomfort after tooth extraction for which pain pills are given to the patient.

Tooth needs to be pulled out from socket during tooth extraction. The more skilled the dentist is, more easily he will be able to remove the tooth from the socket without much pull and tugging. Adjacent tissues should have minimum trauma during tooth extraction. In case of atraumatic tooth extraction, there will be lesser of swelling and pain.  

The tooth is encased in a bony socket and this is connected with ligaments. The first thing that the dentist needs to do is to widen the socket and then pull the tooth out with a pull.

A dentist with the right credentials to him will be able to tell you the right cost for a tooth extraction. They will be able to assess the condition of the tooth to be extracted and the complications that might arise during the extraction.

Choosing the Dentist by the Patient

No patient is ever going to go ahead and choose a dentist on the sole parameter of the price that he charges them. The first thing that the person will do is to ask friends and colleagues for a reference for the right dentist. Therefore, the dentist with a good reputation is certainly going to get more patients coming to them. This is the time when they will find out the price of the dentist and compare that with what the others charge.

Determining Tooth Extraction Cost by Patient

The best way to find out the cost is with the help of a telephone survey to some of the dentists around. However, in reality most dental offices will not be willing to answer these kinds of questions. Most dentists would want you to visit them so that they are able to build up rapport with their patients. The main aim is to help the patients get the best dental help and improve their oral health conditions. And, when they get a call asking for the best prices it does not gel well with what they have in mind of a great dental care treatment.

The other thing is that when you ask for the pricing on the phone you might be able to make unequal comparisons. The dentist will have to clinically examine you to be able to find out that what exact treatment is required by you and then only the dentist will be able to tell the right amount of fees.

If you want to get the information about dental fees on the phone then you could try out the American Dental Association (ADA) which has got several different code numbers in place for pertinent dental processes. These codes are called standard procedures and are easy to be understood by the insurance company as well as the dental insurance companies. Therefore, when the patient is making asking for more information for that specific procedure, they can go on and ask about the ADA code and the fee for it. This can be used as the consistent reference number for all other dental offices as well. This will ensure that the person gets the right information for that specific dental procedure.

The costs that are charged by different dentists are different as they are based on several different parameters.

Some of the most important factors are:

  1. The Locality of the Dental Clinic: This is an important factor based on the site be it in a village, suburb or the main part of the city.
  2. The skill and the goodwill that the dentist holds.
  3. The Dental Insurance that the patient has.
  4. The Tooth Extraction Way that is used that is it is a simple tooth extraction or surgical tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction costs and prices

These are the costs that one will incur for a tooth extraction and they are according to the specifications followed in the US:

1.    Simple Tooth Extraction Cost: Simple tooth extraction is also known as closed tooth extraction or forceps tooth extraction. It is done for the teeth which are completely erupted and there are no complications linked with it. The cost for that will vary from $100 to $150. There are dental clinics that could charge you as less as $75.

Simple Tooth Extraction

In case of a simple tooth extraction for a deciduous baby tooth it could be as low as ranging from $50 to $90.The thing with baby teeth is that they either fall out on their own or children pull them out themselves.

2.    Surgical Tooth Extraction Cost: There are times when the tooth could have only partially erupted and be either impacted, broken or have got certain other complications to it. In such a case the tooth extraction cost will be a little bit higher between $150 and $200. The cost for an impacted tooth is in the range of $200 to $350 and for a tooth with the bone covering on it and other complications linked to that could go on to as much as $300 to $500.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

3.    Extraction of a wisdom tooth: There are different pricing for a wisdom tooth extraction. If the wisdom tooth is fully erupted, then tooth extraction will cost you in the range of $150 to $300. However, in the case of it only half erupted or impacted then the cost could be as much as $350 to $650. Extraction of a wisdom tooth requires more time and skill so the cost can be more. This fee is inclusive of all the follow up visits and the whole surgical procedure.  

Partial Eruption of Wisdom Tooth

Some of the extra costs may also be incurred for tooth extraction. The other costs that may be linked with tooth extraction are:

  • Initial consultation which could range anywhere from $50 to $135
  • X-ray fees which are linked to the different kinds of x-rays that are undertaken be they 1 pa, 2 pa, 4bw or Panoramic X-ray or Cephlogram which range from $13 to $135
  • Sedation which if given to the patient will cost $200 to $400 additional.

All in all, a surgical tooth extraction may cost about $1000 which is inclusive of all the costs such as the pre-operative and post operative procedures.

Tooth extraction cost with insurance

Most dental plans have coverage for some forms of dental extractions and mostly these are the simple uncomplicated ones. On average, this is termed as basic dental services and the rate payable is about 70 to 80% of the dentist's fees.

At the same time, there are some concerns about how much will be covered by your insurance company in the case of surgical extractions. These naturally have a higher cost linked to them. The claim submission will consist of the notes from the dentist about why the surgical procedure was required. Then, it is for the insurance company to go on and make the choice as to if the coverage is according to the set procedures of the dental insurance company.

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