If a dental crown or dental bridge comes off the tooth, then the first thing which the patient can do is to get the dental crown or bridge out of his mouth. If the loose dental crown or dental bridge is kept in the mouth, then patient may swallow it or may accidentally inhale it. Dental crown or bridge if swallowed will pass through the digestive system but the patient may not want to put the recovered dental crown or dental bridge back in his mouth.  If the dental crown or dental bridge is accidentally inhaled, then it may cause breathing difficulties and infection may also occur. Dental crown can fall off if the permanent luting cement which is used by the dentist to fix the dental crown is not strong enough or in cases where there is not enough tooth structure to hold the dental crown or if there is decayed tooth present below the dental crown. Dental crown can also fall off the tooth if the patient eats lots of sticky foods or if excessive forces are exerted on to the dental crown.

When a dental crown or dental bridge comes off the tooth, then the patient should call his dentist and should schedule an appointment with his dentist. He should try to get an appointment asap from his dentist.

Patient should examine the dental crown or dental bridge and should look in his mouth. If a part of tooth has fractured and has come out with dental crown, then he should see his dentist before anything can be done for it. By that time, patient has to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid any secondary infection and should avoid eating from that side of the affected tooth.  Tooth may break further if the patient continues to eat from that side.

If the tooth is empty from inside and the crowned tooth is not fractured, then patient can fix the dental crown onto the tooth with temporary dental cement and can later get temporary cement replaced with permanent dental cement. Before using temporary cement to fix the dental crown on to the tooth, patient should ask his dentist. Temporary cement is available at the drug stores and can be used to fix the dental crown or dental bridge on to the tooth temporarily.

Some people think that glue or some other adhesive can be used to fix the dental crown or dental bridge to the tooth structure. Ordinary Glue can’t be used to fix the dental crown. The material which is used to fix the dental crown or dental bridge to underlying tooth structure should be biologically friendly. Temporary cement (Glue) to fix the dental crown is available with the drug store and to get dental crown fixed with permanent cement, patient has to consult his dentist.

How to Glue Dental Crown to Underlying Tooth Structure Temporarily   

Patient can use Temporary Cement to Fix Dental Crown or Dental Bridge to underlying tooth structure. To fix the dental crown to the tooth structure with temporary cement, patient should:

1.    Firstly clean the dental crown from inside with a tooth brush so that there are no food accumulates and deposits present. If loose debris is present on the dental crown, then crown will not seat properly on the underlying tooth structure.

2.    Tooth from which dental crown has come out is also cleaned to remove any deposits present.

3.    Tooth and dental crown are made as dry as possible.  

4.    Lost dental crown is seated on the tooth structure to check whether it is seating properly or not. Orientation of dental crown is checked and it is then kept on the underlying tooth structure. Patient should then close his teeth properly with no pressure. Dental crown should not interfere with the bite and the dental crown should seat properly. Bite should be same as it was before the dental crown came off.  

5.    Temporary cement is put on the dental crown and the dental crown is then fixed to the underlying tooth structure. Dental crown is fixed with dental cement and is reseated over the tooth. Excess of dental cement can be wiped out.

6.    To make sure that dental crown is cementing properly, bite should be checked again.

If patient feels some high point on the tooth or he feels that bite has changed, then he should not wear the dental crown in that position. It can lead to damage to the tooth which is crowned and can further cause damage to adjacent teeth.

Same method is used to fix the dental bridge to the underlying tooth structure with temporary dental cement (Dental bridge can be considered as two dental crowns with an artificial tooth attached to it).

Temporary crown cement is available at pharmacy and is easily available. A very popular brand which is available is Recapit Temporary Crown Cement which can be used to temporarily glue and hold the dental crown on tooth structure. Other than Recapit, Temparin and Dentemp Temporary Cements can also some of the popular brands available.  Temporary cement is much weaker than the permanent luting cement which is used by the dentist. Patient should not chew something very hard from this temporary fixed dental crown and should not take any sticky foods like caramels, sticky candies etc. 

Patient can restore his appearance back to normal (especially if it is a crown or bridge of front tooth or teeth) by temporarily fixing the dental crown to underlying tooth structure. It further helps in reducing the sensitivity of the tooth to hot and cold food stuffs and minimizes the risk of tooth of opposite side to supraerupt or the adjacent tooth to shift to the sides. 

Substitutes to Using Temporary Cement to Fix the Dental Crowns to Tooth Structure

  1. Denture adhesive paste
  2. Denture adhesive powder
  3. Vaseline  (not advocated)

Visiting Dentist to Permanently Cement the Dental Crown

Getting the dental crown fixed by temporary cement alone doesn’t serve the purpose. Patient needs to get the dental crown fixed with the permanent cement. Patient has to make sure to get the dental crown fixed with permanent cement. Dentist will remove the dental crown which is fixed with temporary cement and will then insert the crown again with permanent cement after disinfecting the area.  When the temporary crown came off, then the underlying tooth structure which is present got contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms which are present in the oral cavity and when it is cemented back with temporary cement, then bacteria are also cemented between tooth and dental crown.

Cost of Recementing Dental Crown

To recement dental crown with permanent cement which came off tooth, it will cost around $80-$120. Recementing dental bridge with permanent cement will cost anywhere $100-$150 to the patient. Cost of recementing dental crown varies from place to place and dentist to dentist.

If the dentist himself has given the dental crown to the patient, then he may not charge the patient to recement the dental crown or dental bridge.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - July - 2012, at 22:06 PM

  • Hugh, it all depends on the amount of tooth that has chipped off with the crown.If it is just a small piece then the dentist can rebuild the tooth with the help of composites and cement the crown back on the tooth .You need to visit ur dentist and get complete clinical examination done along with Xray for exact diagnosis and better treatment. Usually the dentist is able to save the tooth by simply rebuilding the tooth but sometimes if a large amount of crown structure chipps off then crown lengthning procedure can be done wherein some amount of gums n bone is removed to expose more of tooth structure to adjust the crown back.Also if there is pulp involvement sometimes then the dentist will have to do RCT of the tooth and build it back and put a new crown.

  • hugh dean

    hugh dean 02 - July - 2012, at 06:53 AM

  • the bridge i have is lower rear this is second time it came out, but this time part of tooth its attaced too came out also, so now what does dentist do to get it back in place

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - March - 2012, at 08:45 AM

  • Sapna,No, you should not use any adhesive at home. You have to go to the dentist to get it fixed. He will cement it with the dental cement.

  • sapna

    sapna 24 - March - 2012, at 07:40 AM

  • my one tooths crown has falln should i use some adhesive to repair it at home

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