We all want a glittering, gleaming, beautiful smile. Amazing smile and shining teeth are great assets and enhances ones personality. There are many options to get teeth whitened. Person can opt for professional teeth whitening; use of whitening trays and gels, whitening strips to make teeth white. Buying over the counter teeth whitening strips is a cheaper and easier way to have that alluring smile. These whitening strips are made up of polyethylene and have either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as a bleaching agent.  With crest whitening strips, you can have a dazzling smile in your home itself in just few days. In this article we have mentioned about the various steps which a person has to follow to use teeth whitening strip.  

 How to apply teeth whitening strips

From a local retail store, you can buy teeth whitening strips. Basic instructions are given on box which will tell you what you exactly need to do. Different whitening system products have their own specific set of instructions so you need to read them carefully.

Before applying teeth whitening strips, you have to remove the plaque and debris which is present on teeth surface and if not removed will form a barrier and teeth whitening will not be that effective. Teeth cleaning can be done with a toothbrush without a tooth paste.

You can now open the box to remove teeth whitening strips. Upper and lower whitening strips are there in individual pouches.

Packaging around teeth whitening strip is removed. In teeth whitening strip, there is a gelled and non-gelled side. Gelled side contains teeth whitener and there is no teeth whitener on non-gelled side.

Placing the Teeth Whitening Strips

 Wrap the front surface of tooth with gelled side of whitening strip. If the whitening strip gets crinkled up while placing it, then it can be straightened back. Avoid touching the gelled side of strip and handle only the non-gelled side of the strip.

While placing the strips, make sure to align the edges of whitening strip with your gum line. Maximum amount of tooth structure should be covered by teeth whitening strip.

After placing the tooth whitening strip, gently press the teeth whitening strip to secure the strip in place and fold the extra portion of the whitening strip at the back. After first strip is kept in place, now repeat the same procedure with other strip.

After placing the whitening strips, wash your hands as bleaching agent that is hydrogen peroxide may react with surface of hands. Slight itching will take place if hands are not washed after placing the strips and bleaching agent is sticking to the hands.  

How Long To Place Teeth Whitening Strips

After placing the teeth whitening strips, you are supposed to place it for the time mentioned on the box. Time period for which strips are kept on teeth are its exposure time. If bleaching agent that is hydrogen peroxide concentration is more, then exposure time will be less. If concentration of hydrogen peroxide is less, then exposure time will be more. So you have to check the box to know about the exposure time of a particular teeth whitening strip. Exposure time of classic crest whitening strips is 30 minutes.

If teeth whitening strip is kept for a longer time than indicated on the box, then it is not going to offer any special benefit. On the contrary, it can lead to sensitivity and irritation of gums. So you are supposed to follow the instructions given on the box.

You are not supposed to eat, drink or speak after placement of tooth whitening strip. It can lead to dislodgement of whitening strip from its place.

Excessive Salivation after Placing Whitening Strip

Saliva secretion increases by any artificial substance in oral cavity.  By teeth whitening strips also, saliva secretion will increase and may become problematic for you. If pool of saliva is there in your oral cavity, then you can just spit it out. You can spit excess of saliva but don’t rinse your mouth before stipulated time. Don’t swallow the solution after placing the crest whitening strips.  

Removing Whitening Strips from Teeth

Before removing the strips, you can wash your hands and then, you can remove the teeth whitening strips by pulling off the strips after grasping the strips with two fingers.

You can spit out the excess of gel which is present. After removing the teeth whitening strips, discard the teeth whitening strips. Discard the teeth whitening strip at a place where it is least likely to come into contact with anything.

After handling the strips, wash your hands thoroughly and patient can then rinse or brush his mouth to remove the residues of gel which remains on teeth.  

After single use, don’t expect to have a gleaming smile. It may take usage of teeth whitening strips for around a week for whitening to show.

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