Root canal therapy is one of the most dreaded of dental procedures.  This news might go on to surprise you but a recent survey that took place by the American Association of Endodontist shows that most of the people are frightened of being in the dentist’s chair because of what they have heard other people say about their experiences. And, this has nothing got to do with something that they have experienced themselves.

The falsehood that they get to hear about root canal treatment actually stops them from being able to make the right decisions for themselves and how to protect their teeth. In fact, you might be surprised to read that most patients might prefer to have their teeth extracted rather than go for a root canal treatment and save it.

Here are the topmost falsehoods about root canal that will bring the right information to you

Falsehood 1: Root Canal Therapy is excruciatingly painful

The moment a tooth causes a whole lot of pain then the only thing that one needs to do in order to make the pain go away without losing the tooth is a root canal treatment. When pulp is infected or non-vital, then root canal therapy is done. The use of root canal treatment is the best way to make the pain disappear. In fact most people who have undergone root canal treatment will let you know that they hardly felt any pain during the entire treatment and no pain afterwards as well.

The American Association of Endodontist tells that the belief that root canal treatment is painful actually comes from people who have undergone the old fashioned and traditional treatment option. Also, if you are frightened on the day of the appointment, then this can get the sensations heightened which will make the root canal treatment seem to be painful.

Falsehood 2: One needs to be have to go for several sittings for a Root Canal treatment

Root canal treatment can be done in only one or two appointments if need be. There are certain things that might get to increase the number of sittings that you need for a root canal treatment.

These are:

  1. The degree and amount of the infection
  2. The complexity of the root canal
  3. Whether an endodontist needs to look at the tooth

In first sitting, infectious portion that is the pulp of the tooth is removed and cleaning of shaping of canals is done and in second sitting, filling of canals is done. After root canal treatment, tooth becomes brittle so dental crown is required after root canal treatment for which patient has to go for one or more sitting.

Falsehood 3: A root canal treatment is about removal of roots of tooth or whole tooth.

The thing about the root canal treatment is that it will enable you to be able to not lose the tooth. You won’t have to have your tooth extracted. It is a falsehood that in a root canal treatment tooth and roots needs to be removed.  The canals are the ones that are worked on in the procedure and to make sure that they are reshaped and clean.

The root canal treatment works on the inside of the tooth and not the outside.  The endodontist goes on to remove the pulp from the inside of the tooth.

Falsehood 4: Root Canal Treatment is a cause for falling sick

The fact is that if you allow bacteria to thrive inside the canal of the root it will go on to lead to further concerns for your health in the form of ailments like heart disease, kidney disease, or arthritis. These findings have been found out from the research conducted by Dr. Weston Price from the years 1910 to 1930. Though this was a hundred years ago, it still holds true. There is no fact to prove that root canal treatment can go on to bring about sickness. In fact, bacteria are there in the mouth at all times, even if your teeth are healthy and there is no gum decay.

Falsehood 5: Your teeth need to be painful before you consider Root Canal Treatment

The point to remember is that not all teeth that need root canal therapy always hurt. There might be teeth that are dead and therefore not hurt but still require root canal therapy. The first thing that your dentist will do is to give you a complete check-up. These regular dental check-ups will enable your dentist to find out which teeth require attention. The tests that are reliable in finding out whether a tooth is dead or not are:

  1. Temperature testing
  2. Percussion testing
  3. The use of a pulp vitality machine

Falsehood 6: Root canal treatment will have the tooth’s nerves removed and you won’t feel any pain thereafter

There is this falsehood amongst lots of people that you will not feel any pain once you have had a root canal treatment done. This is not entirely true. The thing is that the sensitivity of the tooth will be reduced for sure to hot and cold things. However, the tissues that exist around the tooth will continue to be bruised and swollen for a few days. This pain can be controlled by the anti-inflammatory medicines that are prescribed by your dentist. After few days, pain and sensitivity will regress.

Myth #7: You won’t have to return to your dentist for a long while after root canal treatment

The thing is that the moment you have undergone the root canal treatment you will also need further sittings for filling and the crown on your tooth to be fixed. The filling will go on to protect your teeth from getting contaminated with bacteria and the crown will enable your tooth to look as good as new and will prevent tooth breakage. The dental crown withstands the pressure that you put on it when you bite down.

Falsehood #8: The Merits of Root Canal Treatment that might not work for a long time

The most common mistaken belief about the merits of root canal treatment is that it will not last for a long time after it is done. This is a falsehood that most people believe to be true. The tooth can break if dental crown is not given on root canal treated tooth. If you don’t have a crown put on your tooth, then you are making your teeth all the more susceptible to breakage.

Therefore, in actuality it is not the root canal that has not worked but it is not placing dental crown on root canal treated tooth which causes tooth to fracture

Falsehood #9: It is not advisable for Pregnant Women to undergo a root canal treatment

Women who are expecting a baby can’t have root canal treatment done are a false belief. What it needs is a small x-ray of the tooth and the radiation is very minute and targeted only in your mouth region. If you are expecting, then the dentist will use a lead apron. The anesthetics sued are safe for women who are expecting. However, you must ensure that your dentist is aware of you being pregnant.

Falsehood #10: A better option than root canal treatment is having your tooth removed

The thing is that there can be no replacement for a real tooth. However, the closest that you can come to ensuring that you don’t lose your natural tooth is to go in for a root canal treatment. This will allow you to be able to eat the foods you like without avoiding them.

The treatment with root canal and restoration works out to be extremely cost effective. It goes on to remove the infected pulp and if you were to compare the costs you will realize that it is far less cheap than what you would pay for a tooth extraction, an implant or a bridge. If you were to go on and opt for a bridge or an implant, then the treatment will require more time.

There are scores of endodontist who restore teeth of patients all over the world. This enables patients to turn their teeth into healthy alternatives and use them to chew, talk and maintain the way they look. It also helps them to have a great smile and to have a good life.

Falsehood #11: Root canal treatment costs more when compared to other options

When you compare the costs of root canal treatment with the other alternatives that are available you will realize that it costs far less. It works out to be quite hundred dollars less than other treatment options. This enables you to end up saving plenty of dollars. The root canal treatment costs you far less than what you would pay for dental implants.

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