Many of us are dreaded by root canal procedure because of myths and misconceptions which are linked with root canal treatment. Various questions which may arise in patient’s mind before root canal procedure are answered in this write-up. Before getting root canal treatment done, it is necessary that patient knows about the procedure. Root canal treatment is one of the procedures which will endeavor saving the tooth. Root canal treatment is done when infection reaches the pulp portion of the tooth. In case of untreated tooth decay or in case of accidental exposure of dental pulp or in cases of accidental exposure or trauma to the dental pulp, root canal treatment is done. In case of root canal treatment, infectious portion of the tooth is removed and cleaning, shaping and filling of root canals is done.

  1. What is root canal treatment?
  2. Who performs root canal treatment?
  3. When is root canal treatment required?
  4. How will I know that root canal treatment is required?
  5. What will happen in root canal treatment?
  6. What is gutta percha?
  7. How long will numbness be there after root canal?
  8. Are number of root canals different in different teeth?
  9. How many sittings are required for root canal treatment?
  10. How long will root canal procedure take?
  11. Are there any alternatives for root canal treatment?
  12. Why can’t antibiotics be used to treat infection in the tooth?
  13. Are pain meds and antibiotics a good substitute for root canal treatment?
  14. Does pain occur during root canal treatment?
  15. Will I feel pain after root canal treatment?
  16. Do I have to visit my dentist again after getting root canal treatment?
  17. What follow up care is required after root canal procedure?
  18. Can I go to work after root canal treatment?
  19. Can pregnant women undergo root canal treatment?
  20. How successful are root canals?
  21. Which is a better option- Tooth extraction or root canal treatment?
  22. What is the cost of root canal treatment?
  23. What will happen if root canal treatment is not done?
  24. What is dental abscess?
  25. Will discoloration of tooth occur after root canal treatment?
  26. Why does root canal failure take place?
  27. How will I know that root canal failure has taken place?
  28. What can be done in case of failure of root canal treatment?

What is root canal treatment?

When the nerve present in the tooth becomes infected or damaged, then root canal treatment  is done to remove the infection and save the tooth. It mostly occurs because of entry of bacteria in pulp (Nerve) portion of the tooth. In case of root canal treatment, cleaning and shaping of canals is done followed by filling of canals.

Who performs root canal treatment?

A general dentist or an endodontist can perform root canal procedure. If tooth is very painful before root canal procedure, then RCT should be preferably performed by an endodontist who is specialist in root canal treatment. In case of difficult root canals or in root canal re-treatment cases, an endodontist should be approached. Fees charged by an endodontist is more than fees charged by a general dentist.

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