According to a research study, it has been found out that patients who have healthy gums and those who get professional teeth cleaning done have low incidence of various cardiovascular disorders such as heart attack and stroke. With dental cleaning, plaque and calculus deposits are removed from teeth and root surface is smoothened so that further deposits don’t take place and gums remain healthy. Risk of heart attacks and stroke is lowered in people who get their teeth scraped and cleaned. Dental scaling and root planning is done with ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments. With regular dental cleaning, chances of gum infections such as bleeding, swelling and pain in gums are reduced.  

Study Conducted At Taiwan

Study was conducted in Taiwan and was presented in Orlando, Florida at American heart association meeting. Study was conducted for around 7 years and more than one hundred thousand people were followed in this study.   

Professional teeth cleaning not only give vibrant, radiant smile to the patient but also reduce heart risk. 

According to the research, it was found out that people who got professional teeth cleaning done from a dentist or a dental hygienist had 13 percent less risk of stroke and 24 percent less risk of heart attack as compared to people who have never got dental cleaning and scaling done.

If dental cleaning is done twice or more than twice in 2 years, then tooth scaling is considered to be frequent and if dental cleaning is done once or less in 2 years, then it is considered as occasional dental cleaning.

Professional dental cleaning reduces risk of stroke by 13% and reduces risk of heart attack by 24%

According to research, it was found that people who got dental cleaning done at least once in a year are at reduced risk of various cardiovascular diseases.

Scaling and root planning procedure is done with ultrasonic scalers and or with hand instruments. Ultrasonic scalers are electric or air-powered and produce ultrasonic vibrations which can be used to remove the deposits from teeth. In case of hand scaling, hand instruments are used to remove the deposits. These hand instruments are called as scalers and curettes. Shape of different hand instruments is different depending on the tooth surface and the tooth. Firstly ultrasonic scalers are used to remove the deposits and then hand instruments are used. Dental cleaning and root planning can be completed in single visit but if deposits are more, then it may take 2-3 sittings and dental cleaning is done quadrant wise.                                                                                       

                  Ultrasonic Scaler                                       Scalers and Curettes

Professional dental cleaning will reduce the bacteria in the oral cavity which may lead to heart risk.

One of the drawbacks of this study was that other potential risk factors (Smoking, weight etc) for heart risk were not considered.

Study Conducted by Dr Anders Holmund

Another study was conducted by Dr Anders Holmund and on consideration of factors such as age, gender, smoking etc.  It was found out that people with deepened periodontal pockets have higher risk of heart attack as compared to people with no periodontal pockets. It was also found out that people with bleeding gums have more risk of cardiovascular diseases.   


Dental cleaning removes plaque and calculus deposits from teeth and if deposits are not removed, then it leads to inflammation of gums, gingivitis and leads to gums infections. With gum infections, not only the oral health but also the general health of patient is affected. Gum infection increases incidence of stroke and heart attack. 

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  • amphrey grace

    amphrey grace 20 - June - 2012, at 06:58 AM

  • thank you so much for your good presentation. Its is good to encourage people to care about their dental health. keep up.

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 20 - January - 2012, at 04:02 AM

  • Debbie, Polishing after dental cleaning can be done immediately or after some time. If deep scaling was done or if there was gum infection present, then other dental work may be delayed for some time. After deep cleaning or periodontal surgery, crowns are given when the gums become firm and complete healing of gums have occurred.

  • Debbie

    Debbie 19 - January - 2012, at 10:36 AM

  • I had a Perio scaling done 2 weeks ago and have to wait 6 weeks for the polishing .I will be having crowns placed and was wondering why I have to wait so long to have work done ..Is there a time period after a perio is done before you can have any other work done ?

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