The main cause of caries is the food impaction. The bacteria present in the mouth ferment the food and produce acid. This acid causes the decay of the tooth and we have the carious tooth. So if we want to have the caries free mouth diet modification is very important. All types of food do not cause caries. Some are more cariogenic and some are less. Some even make the tooth caries resistant as they have the property of self cleaning.

Diet counseling is very important. It should be done according to the age. Every age has its own problem. An infant does not know anything about the food or the harm caused by a particular type. In that case parents have to be counseled.

Infants and the preschool children

In infants the most frequently seen caries is nursing bottle caries. It is because of the prolong use of nursing bottle. Mill is not the only culprit but the frequent snacking, sweetened juices, honey dipped pacifiers and consumption of sweets and candies also cause the caries. Parents should be told that, it is not how much sugary or the cariogenic food the child takes matters, but how many times he takes it, that matters. So as far as possible snacking in between meals should be avoided.

School going children

These children understand the importance of the healthy teeth. They have great influence of there teachers. So these children can be molded and motivated easily to have healthy food habits by their teachers. Health professionals can hold seminars to show them the importance of the teeth and at the same time show them how the diet affects their teeth.


This is the age when they consume maximum junk food and do lot of frequent snacking. This increases the incidence of caries drastically. They should be advised to take proper diet. A diet chart should be given to the patient so that they know which food item has more caries potential. They should e aware of the role of the diet in the carious process. Till they themselves realize the importance of healthy teeth it is difficult to control the caries incidence. It is the duty of the health professionals to make the people aware of the causes of caries and motivate them enough so that they start taking healthy and noncariogenic diet.

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