It has been seen that most of the dental problems are seen during that time of the day when dentist is not available. For e.g. dental pain is usually encountered during night. So, at that time it becomes compulsory to have some medications in our dental kit to keep the pain away. Also, various dental injuries and emergencies are very common in toddlers and children. So, it is mandatory to have a dental kit at home to handle various mouth injuries.

Thought the oral health care kit doesn’t replace the professional dental care but somehow it manages to overcome dental pain during odd hours and helps to manage various dental emergencies.

Things to Be Included In a Dental Kit

Here is a list of the things that should be included while preparing a dental first aid kit at home.

Surgical Gloves: Though at first instance you will find it uncomfortable wearing gloves but poking into your child’s mouth with bare hands can be more problematic. So, to prevent further spreading of infection always keep at least two pair of sterile surgical gloves in your dental first aid kit.

Probe, Mirror and Tweezers (PMT): These are the basic instruments that should be kept in a customized dental kit. They are used for general examination in case of any dental examination. Precaution should be taken while using probe as its poor handling can lead to dental trauma.

Saline solution: This solution comes by the name of “Save a Tooth System”. It is quite useful in cases of knocked out tooth. The tooth can only survive for few hours after it has been out of the oral cavity. Therefore, in cases of accidental tooth evulsion, this saline solution helps to keep the tooth alive for few more hours till the patient reaches the dental clinic. A saline solution forms an important component of dental first aid kit.

Temporary Sealing Material: Temporary Cementing and filling materials can easily be purchased from medical stores. These temporary materials are of great importance in filling up the cracks that occur during in-house or out-house accidental trauma. Also if you are a crown wearer and crown gets dislodged from the mouth, then these temporary cementing materials help them to seat in their original position.

Sterile cotton and gauze: Sterile cotton and gauze are very useful in case of profuse bleeding that can occur any time either after tooth extraction or during accidental trauma. Another thing useful to stop bleeding is tea bags.

Hydrogen Peroxide: They are used as a disinfectant and at times used for stains removal.

Eugenol or clove oil: Tooth pain usually knocks the door in unusual hours of the day or to be precise during night. At that time having a clove oil in dental kit is quite a satisfactory thing. Dip the sterile cotton in Eugenol, squeeze the cotton to remove extra oil and using tweezers place them in the tooth having pain. It helps to alleviate dental pain.

OTC medications: Though it is advised to consult a dentist but few of the medications should be kept in the dental first aid kit. Few to be named are ibuprofen (NSAIDs that decreases fever, pain and inflammation like Advil or motrin, Acetaminophen like Tylenol.

Povidine-Iodine solution: It is quite useful in case of pericoronitis or gum infections. Gargling with povidine-iodine solution like betadine helps fight infections. Even doctors use it for irrigation in case of pericoronitis (inflammation of gums to cover the occlusal surface of teeth. Generally seen in case of second molars). It can be applied using a syringe but extra precaution should be taken while using betadine with the help of syringe.

Dental Floss: After having meals it is commonly seen that food particles gets lodged in between the teeth. In that case, never use matchsticks or pins, they are hurt the gums. Use floss gently to remove the external food particles and then rinse properly with water. If in case you fail to remove the material using floss, visit a dentist.

So, these are some of the things that should be kept in a dental first aid kit. It should only be used for emergency conditions when dentist is not available. It is advised to visit a dentist or schedule a meeting if you encounter any of the dental problems.

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