There are many different styles of tongue piercing available. Few of the styles are as follows:

Mid-line Tongue Piercing

Tongue is usually pierced in the centre in the midline usually anterior to the lingual frenum. It is the most common and conventional form of tongue piercing.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing

A horizontal tongue piercing is a piercing done across the tongue (from ear to ear), rather than vertically. It is very risky; hence it should be avoided. If it is not done properly, it may interfere with the person’s speech. Healing in such piercings takes one to two months, and the swelling usually decreases during the first two weeks.

Tongue Surface Piercing

The tongue need not be entirely transversed in order to pierce it; tongue surface piercings  are possible. They are more prone to rejection and migration.

Tongue Rim Piercing

A tongue rim piercing is a located on the outer edge of the tongue. It is commonly fitted with rings. These piercings are mostly responsible for major tooth damage. It can also cause recession of gums.

T-Bar Piercing

The T-bar piercing is a little more complicated than other types of tongue piercings. Thus, it takes a little more time as compared to other types of tongue piercings.

Tongue Web Piercing

Tongue web piercing or commonly referred as Marle or tongue frenulum piercing is a form of piercing through the frenulum below the tongue (the frenulum joins the base of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.).

The tongue web piercing are relatively simple and with lesser number of complications as compared to the typical tongue piercing. Also these Tongue piercing heals faster than the typical tongue piercing. Many of the tongue web piercing is rejected over time. The aftercare is similarly important for these piercing.

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