Dentures are artificial devices that are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Teeth loss can occur due to many reasons like decay, trauma or gum disease. As dentures act as foreign bodies for the mouth, some amount of time is required to get accustomed to them. So the initial days, the patient may have complaints like difficulty in speech. These problems are self-resolving and the other problems will be corrected by the dentist.

Teeth replacement is extremely important because lack of teeth

Decreases your chewing efficiency: You are not able to eat your food properly due to inability to chew as the gums and the underlying bone have to do the job that was earlier done by your teeth.

Diminishes your aesthetic appeal: A person without teeth looks awkward. Sparkling pearly whites enhance the personality of a person. Apart from that teeth maintain the facial form and contour by maintaining the vertical dimension. Loss of teeth can result in collapse of bite (occlusion).

Causes difficulty in speech: The speech gets hampered if teeth are missing.

Leads to loss of self-esteem: Due to the above discussed problems, loss of teeth leads to decreased self-confidence. A person shies off from public appearances.

Dentures are indicated in all such cases. They can be classified in the following way

Complete Denture - This denture is used to replace the complete dentition or, in other words, when all the teeth are missing, complete denture is the option for treatment.

Partial Denture- This denture replaces one or more missing teeth but not the whole set of teeth.

They can be further classified as

Removable Denture- This type of denture can be removed by the patient at his will and can be worn without any professional assistance. The patient must follow the care instructions for denture that are given by the dentist. The teeth adjacent to the missing teeth need not be prepared so there is conservation of natural teeth.

Fixed Denture- This type of denture is fixed by the dentist. Crown and bridge constitute fixed partial denture. Teeth adjacent to the space of lost teeth are prepared so that the denture can be glued to them. The fixed dentures are more expensive than the removable type.

There are other types of dentures like

Immediate Or Temporary Denture- This type of denture is placed just after extraction until the permanent denture is fabricated and inserted. This provides protection to the extraction site and prepares the patient for the permanent denture by making him used to it. The person does not feel aesthetically compromised as the empty spaces get covered.

Implant Retained Denture- This type of denture takes support from a dental implant. Generally dental implants are made of titanium and titanium alloys. The dental implant is surgically placed within the bone. It takes few months for the implant to be taken up by the alveolar bone (of the host). The process is called osseointegration. Once that part is over denture can be placed onto it. This type of denture is extremely useful for those cases, where the lower denture does not stay due to insufficient alveolar ridge.  



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  • Deanna

    Deanna 04 - June - 2013, at 04:27 AM

  • I need dentures so badly but have no coverage for good dentures and I am disabled so I am on a low fixed income...Do you offer Makeovers to people in my situation? It's terrible to be seen with no teeth and your right it affects self esteem in a bad way. Thank you for any information you can give me.

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