Dental Caries is one of the most common infectious dental diseases known to man. The three main factors which are responsible for the tooth decay are

(1)  Host i.e. Tooth
(2)  Microbes i.e. Bacteria
(3)  Diet
      (a) Physical Factors
      (b) Local Factors
             (i) Carbohydrate content-Presence of refined cariogenic carbohydrate particles  on the tooth surface.
             (ii) Vitamin Content
             (iii) Fluoride Content
              (iv) Fat Content

Diet plays a major role in caries process. The microbes ferment food which comes from the diet to produce acid. This acid then dissolves the tooth surface producing caries. If one has a susceptible tooth surface and the bacteria which causes caries but no cariogenic diet, then that tooth cannot get caries. So we see that diet plays a major role in carious process.

Physical Nature Of diet: Soft refined foods which stick stubbornly to the teeth and are not removed easily are more likely to cause dental caries as compared to the raw and rough unrefined foods.


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