The common question asked by the dentist after getting the Root canal treatment especially of anterior tooth is whether the root canal tooth will get discolored. The answer is Yes, the tooth can get discolored but it is not always. There are certain reasons for getting the tooth discolored after the Root Canal Treatment. Sometimes the tooth is discolored even before eating the Root canal Treatment. This happens when there is history of trauma and the tooth has become non vital due to trauma. In this the pulp tissue gets necrosed and this discolors the tooth.

 There are various causes which discolors the tooth after the Root Canal treatment. They can be divided into 4 categories.

1) The tooth can become discolored after Root Canal Treatment if the pulp tissue is accidentally left in the canal. These remnants of the pulp will get necrosed and cause the discoloration of the tooth. This can be avoided by making sure that the pulp tissue does not remain in the canal.

Treatment of this discoloration is internal bleaching of the tooth. This will help.  If it does not help then going for Veneers or Crowns are the treatment options.

2)   The second cause of the discoloration after Root Canal treatment is when the Root Canal filling material is left in the crown part of the tooth. The sealer and the Gutta Percha which is used to fill the Root Canal is not meant to be filled in the Crown part. If it is left there then it can cause the discoloration of the tooth.

Treatment is to make sure while obturating Root Canals not to leave the material in the crown part and if discoloration is there then internal bleaching can help.

3) Some dentist they use certain medicaments while doing root canal treatment to sterilize the canal. These medicaments are usually iodoform based which causes the discoloration. To avoid the discoloration the dentist should make sure that the medicament does not come in contact with the crown part of the cavity. It should only be used in the root canals

If discoloration is there because of medicament make sure to remove all the medicament from the crown part of the cavity and do the internal bleaching.

4) Fourth and the most common cause is that some dentist fill the post obturation cavity with the amalgam filling which causes discoloration and this discoloration is very difficult to remove. Dentist should always use the tooth colored composite filling to fill the cavity.

The staining which is there because of metallic filling is very difficult to treat. It does not go even with the internal bleaching. One can try by replacing metallic filling with the tooth colored filling. That will help. Otherwise Veneers or the crown are the answers.


It is not that Root Canal Treatment always causes discoloration of the tooth but it can cause discoloration. But this discoloration can be avoided If the tooth which had to go under Root Canal Treatment is not already discolored.

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