Veneers is outer cover or mask for the tooth or we can say it is custom designed outer shell of the tooth to restore localized or generalized defects and discoloration. Materials for veneers are:

1.   Chairside composite
2.   Processed Composite
3.   Pressed ceramic

When Veneers Are Needed

There are various indications like:

Heavily Stained And Discolored Teeth – For minor staining of teeth, bleaching or tooth whitening is indicated. But for heavily stained teeth veneers are indicated.


Chipped Or Damaged Teeth -  If minor chipping is there or a small corner is damaged then one can opt for composite filling but if damage is more and the dentist recommend it ,then one can get the veneers

Minor Crooked Teeth – If there is minor misalignment that  can be treated with veneers. In that case long and painful orthodontic treatment can be avoided.

Small Teeth - If the teeth are smaller in size than the normal like peg laterals, they can be treated by going for Veneers.

Spacing Between The Teeth – If there is spacing between the teeth, it gives very unaesthetic look. The simplest way to treat this is to give Veneers.

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