A. Veneers Based On the Extent Of Coverage

  1. Partial Veneers are Indicated for the restoration of labial defect or areas of intrinsic discoloration.
  2. Full Veneers are indicated for the restoration of gingival defects or areas of intrinsic staining involving major portion of facial surface of tooth.

 B. Veneers Based On Method Of Fabrication

  1. Direct Technique Veneers
  2. Indications For Veneers

Indications for Veneers

  1. When a small number of teeth are involved.
  2. When the entire facial surface is defective.

Direct Technique Veneers

Advantages of  Direct Technique Veneers

  1. Single appointment.
  2. Useful for single discolored tooth
  3. Useful in young patients
  4. Useful when limited time period is available
  5. Economic.   

Disadvantages of Direct Technique Veneers:

  1. Time consuming
  2. Labour intensive.

Indirect Technique of Veneers


 Used when multiple teeth are to be veneered.


  1.   Less sensitive to operative technique.
  2.   When multiple teeth are to be veneered.
  3.   Lasts longer. 


  1.  Tooth preparation is necessary.
  2.  Expensive.

To achieve esthetic and physiologically sound tooth an Intraenamel preparation and local of the gingival margin of the preparation are important.

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