• To make a correct diagnosis it is extremely important to carry out a thorough inspection and examination. Certain findings are not revealed by mere inspection like those findings that are within a tooth or jaw bone. In such cases we need diagnostic tools like X-rays. There are various types of X..

  • The digital revolution in diagnostics imaging specialty has brought in dynamic changes in healthcare areas of medicine and dentistry. Recent developments in imaging sciences have enabled dental researchers to visualize structural and biophysical changes effectively. Various imaging techniques ar..

  • Shortcomings of Dental Xrays 21 - Mar - 2010, at 02:54 AM

  • When you were to ask the public and the medical profession both of them would say that dental x-ray pictures show the presence of infection and the amount of it that is present in the tooth. With these x-rays in hand one is able to find out the right kind of treatment that needs to be adopted fo..

  • Need of Dental Xray in Treatment 27 - Feb - 2010, at 22:35 PM - 2

  • Have you ever felt bored by dental x-rays, not knowing what they are for and if they are necessary at all? You may even tend to berate your dentist often in your mind, saying that you cannot afford such a procedure or asking the doctor himself if he or she is trying to ruin your finances silentl..

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