• Drugs used in sedation in Dentistry 12 - Feb - 2011, at 05:18 AM

  • Sedation in dentistry has very important role to play as many patients patients have fear and anxiety for dentistry and donot want to get any treatment done and for these patients sedation dentistry is very effective. Depending upon the level of fear and anxiety, other things like type of dental..

  • Different Types of Sedation in Dentistry 12 - Feb - 2011, at 05:00 AM

  • There are many techniques used for conscious sedation. It can be pharmacological that is by using drugs to achieve the sedation or it can be by non pharmacological means that is by hypnosis. Basic purpose of sedation is to make the patient free from anxiety and fear of dentistry. So many people..

  • Without doubt, great majority of cases like routine restorative techniques or surgery in dental office may be satisfactorily managed through the use of local anesthesia alone. Yet, the possibility of pain and fear of local anesthesia or L.A. do exist in patients of all age groups. Local..

  • Conscious Sedation for Pain Control at Dentist 21 - Dec - 2009, at 06:08 AM - 1

  • What exactly is conscious sedation also known as sedation dentistry? Many medical practitioners do concious sedation or sedation dentistry procedure on patients who undergo minor operations like tooth extraction. Sedation Dentistry aims to put the patient in a relaxed state without renderin..

  • When Is Conscious Sedation Required 28 - Jul - 2008, at 00:30 AM

  • Not all patients are capable of complete cooperation. When Behavior management techniques are insufficient to manage a pediatric patient, the use of conscious sedation should be considered. There is only one inhalation agent that meets requirements of conscious sedation and that is Nitrous Oxide..

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