• Application of lasers in dentistry 24 - Jul - 2008, at 09:17 AM

  • Lasers are increasingly being used in dentistry for various procedures. These are used in Root Canal Treatment, Sterlization in Endodontics, Apeiceotomy, Periodontics. For easy understanding of lasers in dentistry, we are giving below few of the applications of lasers in dentistry. Bmp of Ro..

  • The essential elements of lasers that determine its interaction with matter are as follows: Wavelength Power density Temperature Pulse rate and duration Delivery system    Laser Beam Interact with tissues in four ways A portion of the..

  • Laser Hazards 24 - Jul - 2008, at 08:57 AM

  • The types of hazards that are encountered within The clinical practice of dentistry are as follows: Ocular hazard Tissue damage Respiratory hazards Fire and explosion Electrical shock  Methods to Control Laser Hazards These control methods are divi..

  • Application Of Laser In Conservative Dentistry 24 - Jul - 2008, at 03:48 AM - 1

  • Only few years after the discovery of laser investigations were performed to introduce laser technology into dentistry for optical drilling of teeth. Conservative applications for lasers in dentistry  are Caries detection by laser induced fluorescence Caries re..

  • What Are Lasers What Are Its Types 24 - Jul - 2008, at 03:26 AM

  • Laser stands for LIGHT AMPLICATION BY STIMULATED EMISSION OF RADIATION.Lasers are unique and versatile in dentistry by virtue of their physical characteristics. Properties such as collimation, coherence, monochromaticity are generated in the high energy processes occurring inside the optical cav..

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