• Why Are Our Teeth Important 04 - Feb - 2009, at 00:19 AM

  • Superficially it seems teeth help to just cut, chew and masticate food. They are the first to initiate the process of digestion. After them the food goes to oesophagus for further digestion. They also give shape to our mouth. They see that the maxillary and mandibular jaws don’t collap..

  • Healthy Diet And Teeth 20 - Oct - 2008, at 04:17 AM

  • To have beautiful pearly teeth, Healthy Diet is important right from the Wombstage. That is why pregnant ladies are recomended calcium rich diet and tablets as well. Whatever we eat affects our teeth. Twenty minutes after the food enters the mouth, acid is produced inside our mouth which gives a..

  • Importance Of Teeth 25 - Jul - 2008, at 03:37 AM

  • To have beautiful smile, one should have beautiful set of teeth and that can be achieved if you know the importance of your teeth. The teeth help us to:- 1.    Chew our food properly which is essential for body growth and health. 2.    Speak properly –..

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