• How to Stop Grinding Teeth in Sleep 10 - Dec - 2009, at 03:20 AM - 5

  • Children usually tend to grind their teeth. This could be consciously or unconsciously. Usually, parents wonder how to stop their children from grinding their teeth whilst they are asleep. This is in fact a medical as well as a dental concern.  Grinding of teeth not only affects the teeth a..

  • Diagnosing And Curing Bruxism 06 - Jul - 2008, at 00:02 AM

  • For diagnosing is a person has this particular habit, one should check for the following findings: Is there headache or pain in the ear during morning hours. Any one has pointed out this habit. Any senstivity of teeth Clicking of the jaw Sore jaw or face in the mo..

  • Signs Symptoms And Effects Of Bruxism 05 - Jul - 2008, at 23:38 PM

  • The majority of patients with this habit don’t even know that they have this habit. But most patients present with these problems: Jaw pain Headache Over sensitivity of the teeth Fracture of the carious teeth Facial pain Earache Tense facial and..

  • What Is Bruxism 05 - Jul - 2008, at 23:17 PM - 1

  • The word BRUXISM means grinding of teeth or gnashing of teeth in which the patient also clenches his jaws. It is an oral para functional activity caused by the activation of chewing habit. It generally occurs during sleep but can also occur in severe stress conditions or anxiety. This habit..

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