•  Acupuncture has been known in eastern medicine as a very effective cure for all types of diseases. It is a practice that deals with applying pressure on to some points in the body with the use of needles therefore relieving the ailments that are claim to be connected to those body parts. D..

  • On diagnosis of Dry Mouth / Xerostomia symptoms, dentists advice the patient about their increased susceptibility to dental decay and the need of regular dental check ups to avoid long term problems and complications. The symptoms of dry mouth / xerostomia can be detected and these can be any of..

  • Reasons And Causes Of Xerostomia 27 - Aug - 2008, at 05:06 AM

  • Xerostomia is "a dryness of the mouth, having a varied etiology, resulting from diminished or arrested salivary secretion, or asialism." Xerostomia is not a disease; it is a symptom. Causes of Xerostomia There are several causes of dry mouth, also called xerostomia...

  • What Is Dry Mouth(Xerostomia) 26 - Aug - 2008, at 19:29 PM

  • Xerostomia is a subjective feeling of dryness in the mouth. It is also called as the DRY MOUTH.  This can range from severity, from a temporary reduction of salivary flow rate, which is relatively common, to a more permanent absence of saliva. Individual usually detect they have a dry mouth..

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