• Facial Swelling Due to Tooth Infection 18 - Aug - 2012, at 03:16 AM

  • Facial Swelling is the enlargement of a face that may be due to dental infections or can be after tooth extraction. In medical terminology facial swelling is termed as facial edema. Facial swelling can occur in eyes, lips, cheeks, nose and jaw. Any facial swelling accompanied by dyspnea, distres..

  • Causes Symptoms and Treatment of Gum Abscess 17 - Oct - 2011, at 00:53 AM - 8

  • An abscess is a localized acute accumulation of living or dead cells (Polymorphonuclear neutrophils) which liberates various enzymes. These enzymes will cause digestion of other tissue structures and cells and form a liquid product which is known as pus. Patient will have gingival or periodontal..

  • Understanding Abscessed Tooth 28 - Aug - 2008, at 04:48 AM - 4

  • Tooth abscess refers to localized collection of pus in the alveolar bone at the root apex of the tooth. In case of abscess, the infection extends from the root apex to the periradicular tissue through the apical foramen.  Many reasons for tooth abscess can be there. The most common rea..

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