• Home Remedies for Treating Enamel Erosion 07 - Dec - 2010, at 10:45 AM

  • Tooth enamel is fundamentally the outer surface of the tooth that is examined to be the strongest part of the physique. Can enamel be built up is one general query asked by many individuals throughout the planet. It is really impossible to build up tooth enamel naturally as this tooth enamel onc..

  • Types Of Tooth Wear 26 - Sep - 2008, at 22:07 PM - 1

  • All the types are different and distinct processes, each of which results in loss of tooth structure.  ATTRITION It is defined as physiologic wearing away of tooth as a result of tooth to tooth contact a as in mastication. Everyone wears down their teeth in one way or another during..

  • Understanding Tooth Wear 25 - Sep - 2008, at 08:17 AM - 2

  • Toothwear is one of the commonly occurring regressive changes seen and is considered as a natural phenomenon, especially of opposing tooth surfaces. It is physiological under normal conditions; however it is pathologic under certain circumstances when the wearing of tooth is excessive. The examp..

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