• Why Use Salicylate Free Toothpaste 14 - Feb - 2010, at 06:13 AM - 1

  • A person who is sensitive to salicylate can get much comfort if the nature-based acid is quickly removed from his or her diet. The oral cavity can absorb substances very quickly. Therefore, if you reduce the amount of substances to be absorbed by the mouth, we can also eliminate the adverse reac..

  • The toothpaste that you select must be based on the needs for your oral hygiene. It also depends on the kind of teeth and gums that you have and their concerns. Toothpaste must have several factors going for it if it wants to be termed good toothpaste.These factors are: Protection Your t..

  • History of Toothpaste 23 - Dec - 2009, at 03:43 AM

  • Does the thought of encountering messy toothpaste every morning really make you feel grumpier then you already feel in the mornings. The worst thing about toothpaste could be not capping it. There are several households wherein fights erupt based on the toothpaste.   The way toothpa..

  • Toothpastes 06 - Jan - 2009, at 08:32 AM

  • Good oral health is an indication of a healthy body and mind. To maintain this oral health we need various aids and toothpaste is one of the most common and widely used one. Its other common name is Dentrifice. We all use toothpastes but with such a huge variety of toothpastes available in the m..

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