• What Are Pins and Posts in Dentistry 30 - Aug - 2010, at 04:28 AM - 10

  • When the teeth are decayed and it has to be restored the dentist goes for the filling but sometimes the decay is extensive and a large part of the tooth is lost. In such cases pins and posts are used as the simple filling material can not give the adequate strength to sustain the masticatory forces..

  • Types of Posts 25 - Feb - 2009, at 06:54 AM - 1

  • There are many types of post designed available for post and core systems, utilizing various combinations of the following properties: Types of Posts 1. Pre-fabricated Posts: These are available in different sizes and designs by various manufacturers. A suitable post can be selected acco..

  • Procedure For Post And Core 25 - Feb - 2009, at 06:45 AM - 1

  • Deciding Post in the Root or Not - The decision to place a post in the root canal is based depending on the amount of tooth structure remaining above the gum line. If sufficient amount of tooth structure is present above the gum line and a small access cavity is present, then there is..

  • What Is Post And Core 25 - Feb - 2009, at 06:22 AM

  • Post and core is a restoration which is used to restore an extensively decayed or fractured tooth. Post and core consist of a pin like post which is cemented in the root portion of the tooth and over it core build up is done with a suitable restorative material, then a crown is placed over core bui..

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