•  Brides want to look their best at their wedding which includes their smiles.  They would certainly include cosmetic dentistry in their run up to the big day. Anyone for that matter will be able to improve their social lives flashing their beautiful white smiles thanks to cosmetic dent..

  • Should I go for Composite Filling 30 - Mar - 2009, at 08:15 AM

  • If tooth is very badly decayed and large amount of tooth structure is lost, it is not recommended to get composite filling done because composite filling gets retention from tooth structure and if adequate tooth structure is not present to support the filling, it will not retain and will come ou..

  • Disadvantages of Composite Restoration 11 - Mar - 2009, at 06:51 AM - 3

  • Although composites are permanent restorative materials, a composite restoration usually lasts for about 5-8 years depending upon size of cavity and location of the tooth in which filling is placed. But if the restoration is discolored or chipped of it can be repaired easily without the need of..

  • Procedure of Composite Restoration 09 - Mar - 2009, at 23:18 PM - 8

  • Need of Anesthesia: Generally anesthesia is not required for the placement of composite restoration but if badly decayed tooth is being restored by composite, patient may experience pain while preparing cavity and removing decayed tooth structure then anesthesia may be required to numb the tooth..

  • When Is Composite Filling Done In a Tooth 09 - Mar - 2009, at 22:28 PM

  • Composite is a dental restorative/filling material made up of plastic like resin filled with glass having colour matching with that of tooth. So, they are highly aesthetic and inconspicuous in mouth. Tooth bonding is a technique used to bond the composite material with the tooth structure. This..

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