• Effect of Professional Teeth Bleaching 06 - Apr - 2009, at 04:24 AM

  • Mechanism of Teeth Bleaching: The main reaction that occurs during the teeth bleaching procedure is the oxidation reduction reaction called redox reaction. Here the peroxides convert to the free radicals (which are unstable). Then these free radicals oxidize or reduce other molecules. The bleach..

  • What is An Ideal Teeth Bleaching Agent 06 - Apr - 2009, at 01:45 AM

  • Ideal Teeth Bleaching Agent - It should contain the following properties to qualify as ideal teeth bleaching agent. These properties are listed 1.    It should have neutral PH. This is very important for any teeth bleaching agent. 2.    It should be easy to ap..

  • Teeth Bleaching VS Teeth Whitening 06 - Apr - 2009, at 01:34 AM

  • Teeth Bleaching refers to the use of bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that will help in lightening the teeth color beyond their natural shade. Whereas teeth whitening refers to removing of debris or stains caused due to intake of certain foods or beverages by the use..

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