• Downside to Professional Teeth Whitening 23 - Nov - 2009, at 00:30 AM

  • Professional teeth whitening is getting famous every day as lot of people want to achieve a dazzling pearly white smile although some downsides to this service have been found. First thing to review, before you opt for a dental whitening procedure, is if your dental insurance will cover thi..

  • Average Cost of Teeth whitening 05 - Sep - 2009, at 05:11 AM

  • If you have always wondered at how these models have such sparkling white teeth and wanted the same then teeth whitening is the answer to it. Teeth whitening can get your teeth looking their brightest best with no longer teeth that are yellow, or stained from too much smoking, drinking or coffee..

  • How is Professional Teeth Whitening Done 08 - Apr - 2009, at 22:43 PM

  • First of all the dental or oral examination is done prior to teeth bleaching and it is necessary to check any kind of dental or oral diseases or problems example caries, fractures, or gingival problems etc. as they need to be treated first, else it can cause severe irritation if ignored. ..

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