• It is a well-known fact that hormonal changes affect women in various ways. Some are lucky enough to not have serious illnesses as a result of these changes but a few unfortunate ladies experience various sicknesses during this time. One of the most prominent illnesses that middle aged women exp..

  • Burning Mouth Syndrome is an oral disease characterized by severe pain in the tongue area of the mouth. Usually, the patient who has burning mouth syndrome start out his day without feeling any pain but eventually feel a burning sensation as the day progresses. Some of the symptoms of this disea..

  • Burning Mouth Syndrome 27 - May - 2009, at 06:44 AM

  • This is a painful, burning sensation localized in the tongue affecting other areas of the oral mucosa . The description of the symptoms varies from patient to patient, which may be pain, burning, Tingling, or numbness. Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome are often surprisingly precise in their..

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