• Flouride Delivery System 29 - Jun - 2009, at 04:57 AM

  • Fluoride can be applied topically or it can be ingested systemically. The following table illustrates the methods by which fluoride can be administered to a patient in dentistry. The importance of fluorides is now well known and its importance in children now needs no introduction. If you are regul..

  • Function Of Flourides In Dentistry 29 - Jun - 2009, at 03:58 AM - 1

  • Dental caries is major dental disease affecting a large proportion of the inhabitants of world. But over the past few decades, tooth decay has been reduced dramatically. Fluoride Research has showed that fluoride reduces cavities in both children and adults. Daily intake of fluoride on an averag..

  • Flourides And Its Resources 29 - Jun - 2009, at 00:03 AM

  •  It is said that prevention is better than cure and if we talk about the prevention of dental caries the first thing that we talk about is the fluoride. The dentist also advises to use fluoridated tooth paste. Now the question arises what is fluoride. How it is available in environment and..

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