• Those who have been to the dental clinic and got the numbing or anesthetic injection must have experienced that whenever they get the numbing shot their heart beat faster as if it is about to come out of the chest though this feeling is there just for couple of seconds. You must be wondering tha..

  • General Anesthesia in Dentistry 16 - Jul - 2012, at 03:59 AM

  •   Anesthesia in general means loss of sensation. It can be either in the form of Local, General or Regional Anesthesia. General anesthesia is a treatment that puts a person into deep sleep so that you don’t feel pain during surgery. So, to define General Anesthesi..

  • Different Types Local Anesthesia in Dentistry 14 - Apr - 2011, at 06:12 AM - 2

  • Local anesthesia is any technique to render part of the body insensitive to pain without affecting consciousness. Local anesthetics are drugs, which upon topical application or local injection cause reversible loss of sensory perception, especially pain, in a restricted area of the body. ..

  • Local Anaesthesia And Sedation In Dentistry 29 - Jun - 2009, at 05:45 AM - 6

  • Local anesthesia is used to prevent pain by making the area involved in the minor surgery numb. The area made numb is the one involved in pain during the procedure. Local anesthesia reduces pain without the patient’s awareness being changed. The area is made numb either by the application..

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