• Allergies and Dentistry 24 - Jan - 2010, at 03:03 AM - 1

  • Sometimes whatever amounts of care that you take might not guard you from allergies that might strike you at the dentist. Also, some people are more susceptible to these then others.  Latex Induced Allergies The most common allergy that one could get at the&nbs..

  • What is Latex Allergy 24 - Jan - 2010, at 02:38 AM

  • Latex allergy can be mild or the most serious of ones that you have ever encountered. A few years ago, the scare of communicable diseases and the AID and HIV made everyone want to use latex gloves. This spurt in the use of gloves resulted in a lot of the latex allergens remaining in the air and..

  • How to have an Allergy Free Dental Visit 24 - Jan - 2010, at 02:35 AM

  • There might be several things that might scare you about the dental chair and one of it although not that prominent is attracting allergies. You can certainly take certain measures to ensure that your visit to the dentist is free of all allergies. The most likely reasons for allergies to occur a..

  • What is an allergy? -All of us suffer from some form of allergic reaction or the other at some point of time. Especially in today’s pollution ridden world, allergies can be the most common thing. An allergy occurs when our immune system reacts to an outside allergen that gets inside our bo..

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