Good day. So, I had my root canal about a month ago on my upper 1st premolar/bicuspid and it's not yet done. I have revisited the dentist a number of time due to my complicated long and curved canals. We meet once a week. I have two root canals in that tooth. One is cleaned and the other is not yet completely. So the history is.. When the dentist made an root canal opening, she removed most of the tooth substance because my canals were in both far edges of the gums. And when she found the canals, she did a build-up for the lost tooth substance centering the root canal opening. And when the whole procedure is not done, she closes the opening with temporary filling. Dumb for me to explain that since you know it. Anyway, but the point is less than 3 weeks ago, the build-up broke. The dentist told me that my eating pressured it. But not just that, together with the WHOLE build-up that broke away are the temporary filling and worse, some of my actual tooth substance too! Now, its not just that my root canals are fully open for swarming bacteria, but all I have left of my tooth substance are puny, like there's only 5% left! The dentist made me a build-up again saying that she hopes the build up would stick to my . But just as soon as she completed it, it fell off right away! The dentist then made and alternative to close the opening. I don't know what it's called but, from the looks of it, its like white cement that hardens as the dentist carves it to close the opening. What is it? Because last week, it started to cause pain. And when I touch the cement, the pain is more. When I brush it, the pain is just overwhelming. It's crazy. Is the 'white cement' used in to close the opening to blame for? Or the 'white cement' stayed too long that it had side-effects and complications? If not the 'white cement', what is it that is causing the pain? Please answer me. Please. I really need an explanation because I'm so worried. I have not yet revisited my dentist yet to continue the procedure because of the lack of money. I'm so stupid. :'(

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - April - 2011, at 19:47 PM

  • This is normal to have pain after putting the cement on root canal toth. If the cement is kept too long and the remaining pulp in the canal which is definately infected can cause acute pain and even swelling. So you should go to dentist and get the next step fo treatment done if you really want to save the tooth. It is difficult to do root canal treatment in the curved canal but it is not impossible as endodontists are expert in this.

  • Aiko

    Aiko 27 - April - 2011, at 11:11 AM

  • Hi. Thank you, Dr. Ritz for the quick reply. Thank you so much! One last set of questions pls. The cement was put on about 3 weeks ago and the pain started last week. Is that normal? I mean there's two root canals in there. One is cleaned and one is not completely. The dentist said that that one still had bits of pulp in the curved most ending of the canal that the file find is hard to pull out but she then followed that the pulp will then be eventually go up through the next procedures. Unfortunately, I haven't visiting my dentist again. The bits of pulp is still inside my one canal. Is that the infection? Tell me more about it. And is there a possibility of other complications if the cement stays too long? Thank you so much, Dr. Ritz. I hope you can follow me on this.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - April - 2011, at 10:31 AM

  • From your question it looks like that the root canal is not completed and the crown part of the tooth is all broken and only root part is left.The pain in the white cement is not due to the cement but it is because of the infection which is still there in the tooth and as the tooth was closed the infection is not able to drain and accumulated in the tooth.This infection is causing the pain. The option is either to get the cement out get the root canal completed and get post and core. the other alternative is to get the tooth pulled out and go for implant.For more info on root canal treatmet you can visit the following

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