I have a tooth that when I suck on it a little blood can be seen and tasted. I can also see a little blood on the sheets after I wake up. Is it a tooth or a gum problem, and what can I do over the counter if anything? Thank you.

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  • Antonio Wynes

    Antonio Wynes 01 - March - 2011, at 07:28 AM

  • This is a great site and the advice is super. Thanks to Dr. Ritz and to all doctors on here. I'm telling everyone about this site.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - February - 2011, at 20:19 PM

  • From your symptoms it looks like that you have a gum problem. Some times in a particular area the gums get inflamed and a pocket develops. Because of this there is bleeding. For this you have to go to the dentist and get the deep cleaning done. At home you can do warm saline rinses, Maintain very good oral hygeine and you can massage the area with a gum paint which is available OTC. for more info on home remedies you can visit the following link....www.identalhub.com/article_home-remedies-for-dental-problems-88.aspx

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