Hi I am 20 years old and just had a baby boy 10 weeks ago. I have noticed recently that all around the sides of the roof of mouth are white and also around my teeth, I get a really itchy mouth all the time it's quite annoying. I also suffer from tongue ulcers that come and go nearly every hour and a white furry tongue, i only started suffering from this since I first fell pregnant and it's now been 12 months. I have also got a little lump on the right side of roof of mouth I can't see it but I can feel it. Also down the sides of my tonsils are white as well. I am a bit worried

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 26 - December - 2011, at 23:48 PM

  • Ashley, Numbness and burning can be because of allergic reaction or can occur because of infection or some medicaments or can be because of burning mouth syndrome. You can visit your dentist for definite diagnosis and treatment.

  • Ashley

    Ashley 26 - December - 2011, at 13:53 PM

  • I also suffer from numbnes in cheeks and burning lips. When I tense my tongue there is a white patch that appears, when I stop tensing it goes.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 26 - December - 2011, at 05:28 AM

  • White roof of mouth and gums can be because of thrush infection which causes white patches which stick to mouth and tongue and cause burning and itching sensation in mouth. Thrush occurs because of fungal infection and weak immune system, stress etc will make patient susceptible to fungal infection. Roof of the mouth and sides of teeth can also get white  because of some allergic reaction due to some medicaments or tooth paste or mouth wash. Fury tongue can be because of infection, deposits on tongue or can occur because of less intake of fluids or nutritional deficiency. Itchiness in mouth can be because of infection or allergy or can occur because of gums infection in relation to teeth. In case of presence of periodontal pockets, gums feel itchy. There is no definite cause of canker sores and it can occur because of bacterial infections, nutritional deficiencies or can occur because of heredity. Endocrinal disturbances such as pregnancy, lactation etc precipitates canker sores. Lump on right side of roof of mouth can be canker sore present or can occur because of some trauma or infection. Without clinical examination, it is difficult to give definite diagnosis. You have to visit your dentist for definite diagnosis and treatment.  If it is a Candida thrush infection, then antifungal meds can be given to treat the condition. Maintain good oral hygiene and avoid mouth washes and sprays. Take more of fluids and nutritious diet and for pain relief because of canker sores, you can apply orajel over it.  For more info on oral yeast infection, refer to….    http://www.identalhub.com/dental-symptoms-of-oral-yeast-infection-693.aspx

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