Hopefully you can shed some light on what I should do. I went into the dentist yesterday for a routine clean up and the very rough dentist accidentally 'polished' the surgical wound where my wisdom tooth used to be 3 weeks prior. I now have this painful sack of blood on top left side that hangs over my molar ever so slightly. My question is should I drain this, have a dentist take a look at it, or just let it be for my body to handle? Thanks in advance :)

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  • Gen

    Gen 02 - June - 2011, at 12:21 PM

  • Lol...No, my dentist definitely was not right. Thanks for the advice. It popped this morning as I was trying to brush my back molar. Drained very slowly, it seems, and now the pain is non-existent ^_^

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - June - 2011, at 18:57 PM

  • Donot touch this and donot try to even drain it. It will heal itself. This is called Hematoma. Your dentist is right as your body will take care of it and it will dissolve itself within 7-10 days. Be particular not to irritate it and bite on it. It is self limiting and heals by itself. For more info on hematoma you can read this article... www.identalhub.com/dental-what-are-dental-cysts-756.aspx

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