Dear Dentist, I have a tooth (molar) that is aching. When I went to a dentist, he did the percussion test and that particular tooth was painful. He said that the tooth is badly decayed and needed root canal. Then I went for 2nd opinion. The 2nd dentist told me there are 2 cavities. He then did fillings on the cavities. 3 weeks gone and I still have the same pain. I went back to the 2nd dentist. He said the pain is normal (and because the fillings were big). Question is, how long will the pain eventually go away. I cannot even chew bread. Your advice please. Thank you. ~ian

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  • Ian Haris

    Ian Haris 23 - February - 2010, at 19:17 PM

  • Thank you Dr. Ritz. That was helpful and confirming. Infact I now know I made the right decision to go for a root canal treatment. Now let's pray that will go on fine

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 22 - February - 2010, at 20:31 PM

  • If pain is there even after 3 weeks of filling, it means, it is not normal. May be the cavity is deep and tooth is already infected. Rather on the first instance, if you have pain on percussion, it indicates that tooth is already infected but diagnosis can be confirmed by taking xrays. Normally in such cases, Root Canal has to be done. In your case, you can get the xray done and if infection is there, whichi is the most likely cause, then you have to go for Root Canal treatment and above that crown has to be fixed. For more info you can read the following article from our website...

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